Glasgow 2024 – Bid Charter

Download the Glasgow 2024 Bid Charter (PDF)


Glasgow 2024 is a non-profit unincorporated association founded to campaign and bid for the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) (“the Convention”) to be held in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2024.

The aims of Glasgow 2024 are:

  1. To promote Glasgow, Scotland (“the Site”) as a candidate location for the 2024 Worldcon
  2. To run a successful international campaign (“the Bid”) to secure the right to host the Convention
  3. In support of the Bid, to make timely submission of the required bid documentation (“the Filing”) with the 2022 Worldcon which will administer the 2024 site selection process, in compliance with the requirements of the World Science Fiction Society (“WSFS”) Constitution
  4. To undertake such activities as are required to prepare for the successful delivery of the Convention on the assumption of the Bid being successful, including but not limited

    • establishing provisional facilities contracts on appropriate terms
    • preparatory arrangements for the creation of a legally incorporated entity (“the Company”) to act as a vehicle for the financing and operation of the Convention
    • establishing an appropriate organisation and governance arrangements for the delivery of the Convention, and then transitioning to that structure and arrangements on completion of the Bid activities
  5. To raise and ensure appropriate allocation and dispensation of the funds necessary to support the Bid and associated activities.


The funds needed for the Bid will be solicited as donations from individual members of the global science fiction community and as grants from suitable organisations willing to support the Bid.

These funds shall be used exclusively to fund the Bid. At the end of the Bid (assuming a successful outcome), any remaining funds shall be transferred to the 2024 Worldcon.


The Bid shall be overseen by an Executive Board (“the Board”).

The responsibilities of the Board shall be:

  • To appointment a Bid Chair or Co-Chairs
  • To confirm the appointment of a Bid Treasurer or Co-Treasurers
  • To ratify the Bid Budget
  • To ensure that Bid Funds are spent within the spirit of this Charter
  • To ensure that the Bid is undertaken in the spirit and traditions of the fannish and particularly the Worldcon communities.

Board Creation and Initial Membership

The Board shall come into creation on 26th April 2019. The Board shall normally comprise a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 members.

The initial members of the Board shall be:

  • Esther MacCallum-Stewart (proposed Bid Chair)
  • Steve Cooper (Co-Chair, 2014 Worldcon; proposed Bid Treasurer)
  • James Bacon (Co-Chair, 2019 Worldcon)
  • Christine Davidson (Head Prog. 2014 Glasgow Eastercon)
  • Michael Davidson (Chair 2014 Glasgow Eastercon)
  • Vincent Docherty (Co-Chair, 1995 and 2005 Worldcons)
  • Colin Harris (Co-Chair, 2005 Worldcon)
  • Alice Lawson (Co-Chair, 2014 Worldcon)
  • Mark Meenan (Facilities Management Lead, 2005 Worldcon)

One member of the Board shall be appointed as Chair of the Board and shall be responsible for leading discussions and decision making.

One member of the Board shall be appointed as Secretary and shall be responsible for any required administrative activities (meeting scheduling, minute taking, etc).

Board Changes

Any candidate for membership of the Board must be nominated by two existing members of the Board. New members must be elected by a simple majority of the whole Board.

Resignations from the board must be delivered to the Secretary in writing and should give a minimum of one month’s notice wherever possible.

A member of the Board may be removed from the Board by a two-thirds majority of the whole Board.


The Board may meet in person or electronically. Meetings and decision making may take place in real-time or asynchronously (e.g. via email conversation). The Secretary shall ensure that adequate notice is given for any real-time meeting (in person or electronic) and that meetings are scheduled so far as reasonably possible to facilitate attendance by all Board members.

For real-time meetings, the quorum for decision making shall be two-thirds of the whole Board membership.

Decision Making

Board decisions shall normally be taken by simple majority of those present (real-time meetings) or simple majority of the whole Board (asynchronous meetings e.g. decisions taken via email).

Appointment of the Bid Chair(s) and confirmation of the appointment of the Bid Treasurer(s) shall require a two-thirds majority of the whole Board (excluding recused members – see below).

All members of the Board shall normally be entitled to vote on all decisions excepting that the Bid Chair and Bid Treasurer (if members of the Board) shall not be entitled to vote on their own
appointments or dismissal.


The Bid shall be run by the Bid Chair(s). The Finances of the Bid shall be administered by the Bid Treasurer(s).

The role of the Bid Chair(s) shall be to:

  • Provide overall leadership of the Bid
  • Recruit a committee and team to actively campaign for the selected Site and for the award of the 2024 Worldcon to the UK.
  • Ensure that the Bid Filing is submitted to the administering (2022) Worldcon in compliance with the requirements of the WSFS Constitution.
  • Oversee the activities needed to establish the Company at an appropriate time and with appropriate governance
  • Ensure that appropriate activities are undertaken to prepare for the delivery of the Convention
  • Ensure a smooth handover from the Bid Chair(s) and team to the Convention Chair(s) (who may or may not be the same person(s) as the Bid Chair(s)) and team.

The role of the Bid Treasurer(s) shall be to:

  • Develop a Bid Budget and (once approved by the Bid Chair(s)) present this to the Board for ratification
  • Establish the financial structures and mechanisms (bank accounts etc) needed to support the Bid
  • Monitor and regularly report on all incoming funds and outgoing expenses
  • (In conjunction with the Bid Chair) ensure that financial expenditures and commitments made by the Bid are in line with the Bid Budget (subject to agreed tolerances).