Site Selection

The location of each Worldcon is chosen by a vote of the members of the Worldcon held two years earlier. So the site for the 2024 Worldcon – for which we are bidding – will be chosen by the members of the 2022 Worldcon. This process is known as Site Selection.

The Site Selection Process

The Site Selection process is defined in Article 4 of the Constitution of the World Science Fiction Society. In practice it works like this:

  • Committees need to officially submit their bid six months ahead of the selecting Worldcon, showing that they have the facilities and organisation in place to run the event if successful
  • Members of the selecting Worldcon can then submit ballots ranking the candidate sites in order of preference
  • The votes are tallied and the result announced at the Worldcon Business Meeting on the fourth morning of the event.

To take part in Site Selection for 2024 you therefore need to be a Supporting or Attending member of the 2022 Worldcon. You will also need to submit a voting fee (typically around US$50) along with your ballot. This fee will go directly to the winning bid (regardless of who you voted for), and in return you will automatically receive a Supporting Membership in the 2024 Worldcon. The winning bid will receive a list of everyone who voted, but your actual vote will be completely anonymous.

The Glasgow in 2024 bid

The deadline for filing a bid for 2024 has now passed, and Glasgow in 2024 is the only group to have filed a bid. Our official filing documents are here:

Supporting the Bid vs. Voting

You can support our bid at various levels from Pre-Support (£20) to Friend (£120) or Super-Friend (£300).  This is separate from the Site Selection process – it is how people show support for our bid and help to bring the Worldcon back to Glasgow.  Friends will receive a £100 discount off their Attending Membership if we are successful, while Super-Friends will automatically receive a full Attending Membership.

(We anticipate that a full Attending Membership will initially cost around £150, so if you are considering becoming a Super-Friend, please be aware that this is a way to provide extra financial support to the Bid, and includes a significant donation to us over and above the value of the convention membership you will receive if we win).

Upcoming Worldcons

The upcoming Worldcons before 2024 are as follows:

  • The 2022 Worldcon, Chicon 8, will be held in Chicago, Illinois, in September 2022.
  • The 2023 Worldcon will be held in Chengdu, China, in August 2023.

You can find details of bids for years beyond 2024 on the Worldcon web site.