Glasgow 2024 Committee and Staff List

Glasgow 2024 is overseen by the Glasgow 2024 Board, which provides governance and oversight of the Convention Committee. We have also established an independent Code of Conduct team which operates in parallel to the Convention Committee to oversee our Code of Conduct.

Our Convention Committee is led by the Chair, Esther MacCallum-Stewart. A full list of our committee and staff can be found below.

We are continuing to recruit staff at various levels – either in ongoing roles or to take on specific, time-limited projects. Find out more about joining the Glasgow 2024 team on our Volunteering page.

Chair's Team
ChairEsther MacCallum-Stewart
Vice-ChairMarguerite Smith
Chair's AdvisorsBobbi Armbruster, James Bacon, Vincent Docherty, Kat Tanaka Okopnik, Nicholas Whyte, Ben Yalow
Death of EmailsBen Yalow
Special Guest LiaisonElizabeth McCarty
Timeline ManagerBobbi Armbruster
Aide d'BobbiJoshua Beatty
Assistant Timeline ManagerJoyce Lloyd
Art Show, Dealers & Displays
Division HeadJohn Dodd
Deputy Division HeadsEmjay Ameringen, Pat Maher
Division Head's AdvisorAlice Lawson
Art Show LeadsSerena Culfeather, John Wilson
Dealers Area Head (On Site)Athene Storey-Cosgrove
Dealers Area Head (Virtual)Melissa Taylor
Displays Area HeadRay England
Convention Support
Division HeadTammy Coxen
Risk RegisterColette Reap
Staff web site (Content Editors)Ian Power, Kate Sheehy
Convention Support TeamShadow Amery, Annice Anderson, Rivka Gates, Lynelle Howell, Vivien Little, Caroline Mersey, Tamara Petroff
Division HeadVincent Docherty
Deputy Division HeadElizabeth McCarty
Events PlannerDavid Bamford
Hugo Awards Ceremony Creative AdvisorMary Robinette Kowal
Hugo Awards Ceremony StaffPatty Wells
Opening & Closing Ceremony Deputy Area Head & Events Production PlannerErin Underwood
Photography Area HeadOlav Rokne
Events TeamSheril Bogenrief, Susan de Guardiola, Entity O'Grouter
Division HeadMark Meenan
Deputy Division HeadsMark Herrup, Theresa Renner
ContractsPat McMurray
Decorator Area HeadBruce Farr
Decorator Deputy Area HeadAngela Jones
Decorator TeamAnn Marie Rudolph
Division HeadSteve Cooper
Personal AssistantClaire Cartwright
At-Con Registration Area HeadDavid Guon
At-Con New Registrations and Con DeskMorag O'neill
Finance Admin At-ConNigel Parsons
Finance TeamDale Mazzola
GrantsFarah Mendlesohn
Registration Area Head Pre-ConChris Ragan
Deputy RegistrarTerry Neill
Registration Data Entry TeamNatalie Amery, Shadow Amery, David Damerell
Registration Software TeamEemeli Aro, Steve Atkins
Registration Systems SupportIan Jackson
Registration Team At-ConVirginia Knight, Jesper Stage
SponsorshipStephan Herman
Treasurer ShadowGuy Kovel
IT and Online Services
Division HeadsFionna O'Sullivan, Paul Taylor
Glasgow 2024 Online Area HeadAlan Bond
Glasgow 2024 Online AdvisorKeith Jewell
IT TeamSteve Atkins
Mail System TeamJames Shields, Paul Taylor
System Admin TeamDarin Briskman, Stuart Jenkins, Nick Upson, Michał Dorociński
Web TeamNadav Almog, Nate Hoffelder, Karina Steffens
Division HeadBrian Nisbet
Deputy Division HeadBella Storey-Cosgrave
Divisional AdministratorZoe Thompson
AV Tech Area HeadJames Turner
AV Tech Deputy Area HeadKeith Smith
AV Tech Media ManagerKat Baker
MIMO Area HeadConstanze Hofmann
Ops Area HeadsSandra Battye, Chanie Beckman, Toni Korlee
Shipping and Storage Area HeadMarc Morris
Signage Area HeadAnouk Arnal
Member and Staff Services
Division HeadShana Worthen
MSS AdvisorsPaige Kimble, Nicholas Whyte
Accessibility Area HeadsMeredith Peruzzi, Paul Anthony Shortt
Accessibility Team - At-Con DeskFarah Mendlesohn
Code of Conduct Area HeadSasquatch Nelson
Clear Language Group TeamLaura Atkins
Communications to StaffLaura Atkins
Communications to VolunteersElaine Jennings
Con Office Area HeadElaine Jennings
Team Info Area HeadAlan Fleming
Team Info@Terry Neill, Jean Thompson
Volunteers Area Heads At-ConPaula Niemi, Kaisa Vitikainen
Volunteers Area Head Pre-ConKarin May
Onboarding TeamTom Barnes
Volunteers TeamMarinda Darnell
MSS TeamRoxana Postolache
Division HeadsMaciej Matuszewski, Ian Stockdale
Senior AdvisorsTammy Coxen, Catherine Sharp
Programme AdministratorsMaggie Anderson, Marko Tiihonen
Academic Programme Area HeadsTaylor Driggers, Alice Langley
Diversity InitiativesGillian Polack
Gaming Programme Area HeadShelly Jones
Green Room Area HeadSue Edwards
Guest of Honour LiaisonLiz Loikkanen
Liaison for Chris BakerVanessa May
Ideas Team AdminMichael Nelson
Ideas TeamNadav Almog, Maggie Anderson, Tiffani Angus, Francesca Barbini, Robert Berg, Liz Bourke, Flis Brown, John Coxon, Iain Cupples, Joseph Elliott-Coleman, Anne MacDonald Coleman, Christine Davidson, Michael Davidson, Vincent Docherty, Taylor Driggers, David Ferguson, Tommy Ferguson, D. Franklin, Jamie Gallagher, Ebba Gunnarsson, Tendai Huchu, Juliet Kemp, Marguerite Kenner, Marcin ‘Alqua’ Kłak, Klara Lammers, Ann Landmann, Alice Langley, Meg MacDonald, Karin May, Chris McCartney, Ian Moore, Eth Morgan, Glyn Morgan, Gerald D. Nordley, Harvey O'Brien, Claire Ormsby-Potter, Gillian Polack, Virginia Preston, Anna Raftery, Powder Scofield, James Shields, Paul Anthony Shortt, Russell Smith, Kari Sperring, Linnea Sternefält, Allen Stroud, Marko Tiihonen, Erin Underwood, Francesco Verso, Shana Worthen
Literature Programme Area HeadLiz Loikkanen
Maker Programme Area HeadEth Morgan
Podcasting Content Area HeadLiz Batty
Publisher LiaisonTiffani Angus, Robert Berg, Chris McCartney, Powder Scofield
Science Programme Area HeadsChristine Davidson, Michael Davidson
Society Programme Area HeadVirginia Preston
Programme TeamLiz Batty, Henry Balen, Renée Sieber
Division HeadsMatt Calvert, Meg MacDonald
Deputy Division HeadsNoelle Ameijenda, Marcin ‘Alqua’ Kłak
Promotions FacilitationSun Davies
Advertising CoordinatorPam Burr
Agent - AustraliaGillian Polack
Agents - EuropeMarcin ‘Alqua’ Kłak (Poland), Paul Van Oven (Netherlands), Thomas Recktenwald (Germany)
Agents - USTara Boutilier, Tom Boutilier, Chuck Serface (West Coast)
Artist LiaisonKate Towner
Blog Area HeadFabienne Schwizer
Blog TeamJames Michael Hughes, Alissa Wales
Con-Presence Team Graphic DesignerJonathan Rutter
Craft Team LeadVirginia Preston
Craft TeamConstanze Hofmann, Caoileann O'Mahony, Grace Worm
Fan Publication LiaisonAlison Scott
Fan Table & Convention Attendance CoordinatorMarcin ‘Alqua’ Kłak
Gaelic Language AmbassadorMaya MacGregor
Glasgow 2024 Presents Area HeadPS Livingstone
Glasgow 2024 Presents TeamJohn Allen, Robin Duncan, David Green, Sarah Johnson, Amanda Justice, Radoslaw Polanski
Press Release OfficerColin Harris
Press Officer At-ConLaurie Mann
Press TeamOwen Duffy, Ed Fortune
Promotional Materials and Merchandise CoordinatorKayden Harper
Special Projects TeamCady Rutter
Social Media Area HeadAlex Wren
Social Media Deputy Area HeadDirk Weger
Facebook Community Group ModeratorsAdam Beaton, Sue Dawson, Emily Munro
Social Media TeamVerity Allan, Adam Beaton, Sue Dawson, Gwen Frazer, Jenny Keery, Ila Khan, Zoe Deterding, Emily Munro, Rosie Murray, Ian Kitely
Video EditorMark Slater
Promotions TeamMarita Arvaniti, Tom Bladon, Ed Fortune, D Franklin, Emma French, Elaine Gallagher, Chris McCartney, Anna Milon, Alissa Wales
Division HeadSara Felix
Deputy Division HeadsJames Bacon, Lauren Raye Snow
Advertising HeadKees van Toorn
Progress Reports EditorsRex Hughes, Mark Richards
Publications ManagerElizabeth McCarty
Souvenir Book DesignerDiana Thayer
Division HeadNicholas Whyte
Deputy Division HeadsKathryn Duval, Kat Jones
Divisional AdministratorLaura Martins
Business Meeting ChairJesi Lipp
Hugo Awards AdministratorKat Jones
Hugo Awards Deputy AdministratorCassidy
Hugo Help Desk LeadTerry Neill
Site Selection Area HeadNaveed Khan
Site Selection Deputy Area HeadThomas Westerberg