Online Convention

Online Convention

Glasgow 2024 is delighted to announce its plans for online attendance at the 2024 Worldcon. These include streaming of selected programming and events, online communication and community engagement, and a range of online exhibits.

Our online convention experience aims to:

  • make our membership more inclusive and diverse, opening the event up to individuals and communities who have historically faced practical and/or financial barriers to physical attendance
  • make our convention content more inclusive and diverse, featuring a wider range of voices from across the global community of science fiction
  • provide a richer experience to our in-person membership (additional displays, additional ways to connect and opportunities to catch up with content they missed on the day).
  • provide an experience to previous Worldcon attendees who cannot attend in person this year (for instance due to cost of attendance, travel issues, mobility or disability limitations, Covid-19 concerns, conflict with other commitments, etc).

Technical Platform

Our technical platform will be based on RingCentral Events for video streaming and Discord for text interaction and community forums.

We will be providing more details on the platform in Spring 2024.

Online Attending Memberships and Tickets

All Adult and Young Adult Attending Members of Glasgow 2024 automatically receive full access to the online convention experience, as do all Day Ticket holders aged 16 or older.

Online Attendance can also be purchased online, in two forms:

  • as an Online Attending Ticket, giving full access to the online experience,
  • or as an Online Attending Membership, which also includes a WSFS Membership.

Existing WSFS Members can upgrade to Online Attending Membership at a discounted rate.

Online Attending Memberships and Tickets are for those aged 16 or older at the start of 2024, i.e., born in 2008 or earlier.