AI Art Statement

AI Art Statement

The use of AI in Art is an issue which has become of key importance to the Fan Community. This statement is a result of consultation with the ASFA (Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists), with artists at Eastercon 2023, Boskone 2023, with Anime Los Angeles and with other organisations within our community who have kindly allowed us to look at their own policies.

Glasgow 2024, A Worldcon for Our Futures will not accept artwork into the Art Show that comprises anything that was created using text to image AI generators, or was created using any compiler or generator that relies on the use of other artists’ images without the express permission of that artist.

All art presented in the Glasgow 2024 Art Show must have been created by the artist, and not generated. We will enforce this to the strictest extent.  If any art in the Art Show is found to have been generated rather than created, we will ask the artist to take it down.  If the artist refuses to take it down, we will take it down for them, and if there is doubt regarding the origin of a piece of art, we will ask to see the proof of the original.

We have a shared vision of Glasgow 2024, A Worldcon for Our Futures that is caring, inclusive and imaginative, and we want to showcase that in everything you see in our Art Show.

We welcome you as Artists from any medium, using any media, but when you bring us your work, we do ask that it is your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean that I can present my work in the Art Show if it digitally enhances another artist’s work at their request?
Yes, but we would need to see the permissions as granted by the original artist.

Does this affect art elsewhere in the Convention, for example book jackets or images used in presentations?
Whilst we would prefer that you not include images like this in your work, we understand that this can happen, and that AI work has sometimes been used unintentionally on items like book jackets and merchandise. We would ask that where possible, you do not include these items, but appreciate that this may occur in spite of good intentions.

Can I sell AI generated work elsewhere in the Dealer’s Room?
We would strongly prefer that you not do so. Please mark any work that is AI generated as being so. If you are a dealer who is exclusively presenting AI work, we will take this into consideration in the initial allocation of tables and may refuse to give you space.