Glasgow 2024 Presents

Since June 2020, we’ve been bringing a taste of the amazing SFF content you can expect from Worldcon in Glasgow. ‘Glasgow in 2024 Presents’ is our gift to all the fans out there, showcasing the diverse and talented community of creators who make up the speculative fiction writing community. From novels and short stories to comics and RPGs, we’re here to celebrate the work and people who make conventions like this possible.

You can find all our previous content on our YouTube channel and you can keep an eye out for upcoming events on Twitter: just follow us @Glasgowin2024.

‘Glasgow in 2024 Presents’ will be bringing you events all the way up to the convention. The even better news is that they’re all 100% free!

Forthcoming events are listed on our Eventbrite page.

Glasgow 2024 Presents: Scotland's First Black Superhero
Glasgow 2024 Presents: Neurodiversity in Practice