Special Events

Worldcon comprises many exciting elements for members to participate in, including programming, exhibits and the major events, which are the ‘fixed points in time’ where many of the members come together to share the experience.

Glasgow 2024’s Events Division will organise all the major staged items at the convention, including the Opening, Closing and Hugo Award Ceremonies, major music events, plays and other theatrical performances, along with dances and DJ-ed events. These will take their inspiration from the convention theme ‘A Worldcon for our Futures’ as well as from the rich legacy of science fiction and fantasy and from the previous Worldcons in Scotland, the UK and the rest of Europe.

We’ll be adding information here as the plans take shape. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or suggestions for the Events team, please contact us at

Major Events by Day

Each day of the convention features at least one major event.

Thursday, 8 August – Opening Ceremony

Join us on Thursday, 8 August, for the official opening of Glasgow 2024! Convention Chair Professor Esther MacCallum-Stewart will welcome you all, and will introduce you to our Guests of Honour and Special Guests. During the ceremony we will also present the Big Heart and First Fandom Awards, reveal the 2024 Hugo Award Trophy Base Design, and preview everything else that awaits you over the weekend. There might even be some music! Immediately following the Opening Ceremony, all members of the convention are invited to a Civic Reception hosted by the City of Glasgow.

Thursday, 8 August – Opera

On Thursday evening, we will host the world premiere of a new science fiction opera, Morrow’s Isle. The libretto has been written by Guest of Honour Ken MacLeod, inspired by The Island of Dr Moreau. The music is composed by Gary Lloyd.

Read more about the Opera.

Friday, 9 August – Worldcon Philharmonic Orchestra

Friday evening brings the live performance by a full Symphony Orchestra! Following the success of similar concerts at the Worldcons in London in 2014 and Dublin in 2019, the programme for the evening will include musical works inspired by science fiction and fantasy, along with the music of Scotland.

Read more about the Orchestra.

Saturday, 10 August – Masquerade

On Saturday, we will celebrate costumes inspired by science fiction and fantasy. The annual Masquerade has been a feature of Worldcon since the very first convention in 1939. There will be opportunities to make, wear, and repair costumes throughout the convention, with the Glasgow 2024 Masquerade taking place on Saturday evening.

Read more about the Masquerade.

Sunday, 11 August – Hugo Awards Ceremony

The Hugo Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday evening in the Armadillo. The Hugos have been presented since 1953, and are a prestigious acknowledgement of major contributions across a number of professional and fan categories.

Read more about the Hugo Awards Ceremony.

Monday, 12 August – Closing Ceremony

Sadly, the convention must come to an end, although Worldcon goes on. For Glasgow 2024, that ending will come on Monday afternoon when we say goodbye to our Guests, say many thank-yous for all the contributions made, and get a sneak preview of what awaits us at the Seattle Worldcon in 2025.

Other Events – Theatrical Productions

We are delighted to be presenting one of the widest selections of theatrical productions of any Worldcon. Whether you prefer thought-provoking drama or light-hearted entertainment, we have something for you!

  • “NOTHING, NOWHERE, NEVER AGAIN”, a new play by Ian Sorenson and Phil Raines
  • “The Dark Room”, John Robertson’s popular live-action video game
  • “Tiptree: No-One Else’s Damn Secret But My Own,” a stunning one-woman show by Jenny Rowe
  • “Dune – The Musical,” Dan Collins’ acclaimed solo show from the 2023 Edinburgh Festival
  • A comedy show from the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Read more about our theatrical productions.

Other Events – Music

Glasgow is famous for its music and we will be presenting a range of concerts and musical events with links to science fiction and fantasy. We will also be embracing Scotland’s strong tradition of song, poetry and dance. Look out for these events during the convention:

  • A pipe organ recital of the score from Interstellar, by organist Roger Sayer
  • A concert by the Irish Video Game Orchestra
  • A concert by 8-piece band The Science Fiction Experience, fusing rock and classical elements

Read more about our music events.

Other Events – Dance

  • Ceilidhs on Thursday and Monday – wild dancing, good music and great company
  • The Glasgow 2024 High Energy Disco on Friday night with DJ Scalzi
  • The Hugo Ball on Sunday night

Read more about our dance events.