Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy

This page sets out our Sponsorship Policy for the benefit of members and potential sponsors. The Sponsorship Policy can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Glasgow 2024 Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorships enable Worldcons to provide an experience that cannot be achieved from internal funding sources (memberships, exhibitor income, advertising, and passalong funds) alone. The enhancements facilitated by sponsorship support can take many forms, as illustrated by some examples from past Worldcons:

  • Improved access to the event by under-represented groups (e.g. through subsidised memberships and/or accommodation).
  • Additional guests and featured programme participants
  • Streaming of selected events and programme streams
  • Additional exhibits and displays
  • Improve catering for event receptions, programme participants, staff and volunteers
  • Accessibility measures such as CART (real time speech-to-text) and Sign Language interpreters
  • Subsidised support for childcare and access services (e.g. scooter hire)
  • Shuttle buses to offsite hotels.

Glasgow in 2024 is actively seeking external sponsorship to achieve our vision. Sponsors may include public and private sector organisations, charities, grant giving bodies and SF community groups.

We are aware of our obligation to select sponsors who are aligned to our vision and acceptable to our community. While few if any sponsors will be completely immune to criticism, we are committed to a sponsor review process and criteria that will protect the reputation of our convention, members, and participants.

For centuries, artists have worked with patrons and used their money to create beautiful art. Community organisations dedicated to peace, justice, and equality have also accepted funds to help them create stronger and more equitable communities. We will follow in the footsteps of these artists and community organisers to create a stronger and more equitable community through the celebration of the arts related to science fiction and fantasy.

Our Criteria

Our criteria for considering sponsorship opportunities are as follows.

  • We will favour sponsors whose values align with our vision of an Inclusive, Caring and Imaginative Worldcon. Considering access, inclusion and diversity as integral to Glasgow 2024 has created an environment where we think carefully about what Worldcon can become – a convention to represent all of our futures as well as a place where everyone can celebrate, and an event where we can take these realities joyfully forwards after it is over.
  • We will assess potential sponsors against Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) principles as are commonly used to filter ethical investments. (See Investopedia as an example).
  • We will not accept sponsorships which would violate our Code of Conduct, Anti-Trash or Sustainability policies.
  • We will not accept sponsorship of any aspect of the Hugo Awards or the Hugo Awards Ceremony.

Our Process

Potential sponsors should contact us via sponsorship@glasgow2024.org. We have a range of standard sponsorship tiers and opportunities. We are also ready, willing, and able to create a custom sponsorship or partnership opportunity.

All sponsorship opportunities, of any value, will be tested against objective suitability criteria as set out above. This will apply to both cash and in-kind sponsorships.

All sponsorship opportunities with a value of over £1,000 will be reviewed by our Division Head group.

All confirmed sponsors will be prominently acknowledged on our public website so that all members of the community can see who our sponsors are.