Travelling to Glasgow

Getting to Glasgow by Air

If you’re flying internationally to Scotland, it’s likely that you will first land at one (or more) of the big international hubs and fly to Glasgow from there. The closest main hubs to Scotland are London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schipol: there are many connecting flights from these hubs to Glasgow each day.

If you prefer OneWorld airlines (for example Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, JAL, Quantas) then it is likely you’ll land first at London Heathrow and connect there.

SkyTeam Alliance airlines (for example Delta, KLM, Air France, Air Europa, China Airlines, Virgin Atlantic) often connect at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, though Virgin Atlantic can fly direct to Heathrow.

Star Alliance airlines (for example United Airlines, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss) often connect at Frankfurt. Flights from Frankfurt to Glasgow are limited: it may be best to choose to fly to Edinburgh and take the direct coach (1 hour) to Glasgow city centre.

Direct Flights to Glasgow

  • Easyjet serves Belfast, Berlin, Paris and many UK regional airports daily
  • Aer Lingus flies from Dublin and Belfast daily
  • Air Transat flies three days a week from Toronto direct.
  • Emirates flies daily from Dubai

A full list of direct flights can be found here:

Direct Flights to Edinburgh

  • United and Delta both fly direct from New York
  • Air Canada flies direct from Toronto
  • United flies direct from Washington DC
  • United flies direct from Chicago

A full list of direct flights can be found here:

Other things of Note

Dublin Airport has USA pre-clearance, which means on flying back to the USA, you clear US Immigration and Customs in Dublin, and land in the USA at a domestic terminal. This can save some time in queues on your return journey.

IcelandAir, which flies from cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Denver, Chicago, Orlando, New York and more, allows a free stopover in Iceland for up to a week.