The Accessibility Team is committed to providing an equitable experience for all disabled members of Worldcon. Support will be available for those with mobility needs, visual impairments, hearing loss or differences, and various types of neurodiversity. In addition to serving as a liaison for the accessibility offerings of the venue, the Accessibility Team is working with the hotels and other convention spaces to secure accessibility features.

If you have any questions, please contact

Mobility Scooters

We are happy to announce that the booking form for mobility scooters is now live. Scooters are available to rent through the convention for £80, with pick-up on 8 August and drop-off on 12 August. Please email with any questions on scooter rental. Note: if you would like to request financial support for a scooter rental, please do not use the above form. Instead, submit a request via the community fund form and we will get in touch with you.

Quiet Spaces

The convention will provide a quiet space in both the SEC and the Crowne Plaza hotel. Each of these will offer gentle lighting, comfortable seating, fidget toys, and coloring/puzzle books. These spaces are for quiet activity only; brief whispers are permitted but conversations should be held outside as much as possible.

Subtitling and Interpreters

Live, human-operated subtitles (also known as captions or CART) will be provided at the WSFS Business Meeting and main stage events. British Sign Language interpreters will be provided at main stage events. We are looking into subtitling and interpreting options for other events (including virtual), and International Sign interpretation for main stage events.

Getting Around

Signage will be provided around the convention spaces to direct you to lifts, chairlifts, and other accessibility features. We are working on a map to show the most direct routings between buildings on the SEC campus, and alternative step-free routings.

Special note for those wishing to use the Exhibition Centre train station: the covered walkway to the SEC is approximately 400m (¼ mile) long, and has a slight grade at each end. If this distance is difficult for you, please consider renting a mobility scooter to make your travel easier.


The Glasgow 2024 Accessibility Team will never ask about your specific conditions or disabilities. While you are welcome to volunteer information if you wish, we are most interested in what adjustments will help you. Your privacy is important to us; we will not share information you provide outside of the Glasgow 2024 staff who have a genuine need to know in order to support you.

More Information

For additional information from the Accessibility Area Head, please visit the November 2023 blog post on accessibility. To learn more about accessibility at the convention venues, visit AccessAble’s pages on the Crowne Plaza, SEC Centre, Armadillo, and Village Hotel. AccessAble also provides information on other locations throughout Glasgow and the UK. To contact the Accessibility Team, please email