Glasgow 2024 would like to thank the following organizations for sponsoring portions of the convention. We are still seeking additional sponsors. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring part of our event, please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page. Our Policy for assessing and accepting sponsorships can be found here.

Glasgow Civic Support

Glasgow 2024 expresses its appreciation to the city of Glasgow for its warm welcome and ongoing support. We are delighted to have received direct financial support from Glasgow City Council (via the Glasgow Convention Bureau) and Visit Scotland (Scotland’s national tourist organisation).

Worldcon Passalong Support

Worldcon operates a Passalong system whereby a portion of any surplus from a given event is passed forward to upcoming Worldcons. Given that each Worldcon is financially independent, this scheme is an important way in which we share and reduce financial risk. Glasgow 2024 is delighted to have received passalong funds from Discon III (the 2021 Worldcon held in Washington DC) and Chicon 8 (the 2022 Worldcon held in Chicago, Illinois).

Other Sponsors

Other sponsors will be added here as they are confirmed.

Grant Providers

Glasgow 2024 is delighted to have received grants from the following organisations.

  • ConZealand 2020 (the 2020 Worldcon, held in Wellington, NZ and virtually around the world)