Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden

Glasgow 2024 is creating a dual-natured garden space for the enjoyment of our members during the convention. This large, indoor space will house our Memorial Garden honouring friends and loved ones who have passed on, as well as a very special exhibition by our Guest of Honour, Terri Windling.

The Glasgow 2024 Memorial Garden will be located inside of our beautiful Exhibit Hall. Historically, memorial gardens provide a serene and meaningful way to remember and honour loved ones who have passed on. These gardens not only serve as a tribute to the departed, but also offer a tranquil space for healing. This sheltered, accessible location will feature art created by our community members to honour their loved ones, and offer benches where visitors can sit to reflect, contemplate, and enjoy. These benches can be sponsored by individuals and groups. We will have more information about how to preorder your bench coming soon! After the convention, these benches will be donated to local charities and their memorial plaques returned to the member who sponsored them.

Our garden will be anchored by a large Memorial Tree ringed by flowers, faeries, butterflies and other creatures. A screen at the entrance will show a continuous scroll of the In Memoriam names normally shown during the Hugo Awards Ceremony. We are moving those names to the Memorial Garden to allow everyone the opportunity to honour our departed friends throughout the duration of the convention, and not just at one specific time.

To make this space as beautiful as possible, we are encouraging our members to create items to be placed in the Memorial Garden to remember their own loved ones and losses. This could be a flower, a creature, small art pieces or simply a ribbon or note attached to our Memorial Tree. A crafting area with supplies and instructions will be available nearby for those wishing to contribute to this Garden. Between now and August, we will also be distributing video tutorials and written instructions on how to create flowers and garden creatures.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for announcements on when these informative sessions are happening! At the end of the convention, we encourage you to reclaim your art or notes as a keepsake of your time in Glasgow.

The Memorial Garden will be open on Thursday for people to enjoy and will remain open throughout the entirety of Glasgow 2024.

Mexican Paper Flowers, from "Call Me Grandma"
Mexican Paper Flowers, from