Sustainability Policy

Glasgow 2024 – A Worldcon For Our Futures is committed to building a sustainable ethos in all aspects of the convention where possible. To that extent, we are laying out our sustainability policy that will be considered in all decision-making in the lead up to, and at the convention. The policy is a living document and will grow and change as we get closer to the convention; but we do not expect the ideals that underpin it to change. These are in part informed by the policies and plans of the Scottish Exhibition Campus (SEC) and the lessons they learned from hosting COP26 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference) in 2021.

Climate – Glasgow 2024 is an international event and we are aware of the extent to which our members will be traveling to and from Glasgow 2024, and just how much shipping will be needed both locally and internationally for the convention. We understand that low Carbon and Carbon Neutral methods of travel are not widely available or feasible for members. While we would encourage our members to consider greener travel alternatives, where available, for stages in the journey to the convention, it should be as a secondary consideration to your health and wellbeing, and we do not condone unnecessary risks. This is also focused on reducing our carbon footprint through energy management and supply chain engagement. A key step in this is that the SEC, our main event space, is entirely run on renewable energy.

Resources – Key to Worldcon are the resources we use and bring to the convention. With this in mind we will be reviewing all the inputs and outputs of the convention to ensure efficiency in resource use and management with a focus on physical resources. While all divisions and areas will need to consider this in their planning, there will be a new area created within our Logistics Division, called Reuse & Refuse. This team will consider how resources can be best used during the convention and where they can be directed in a way that maximises their use before, during, and after the event, preferably within the community or to charitable organisations in Glasgow and Scotland. Our waste management strategy, and simple life-cycle assessments of items purchased, along with the SEC’s Sustainable Food Policy will ensure, where possible, the most sustainable solutions are implemented.

People – Our members and other attendees are essential to the successful delivery of our sustainability goals and to running the convention in a sustainable way. This includes education, engagement, and communication about our sustainability ambitions.

Partnerships – We plan on working cooperatively and collaboratively across all stakeholders to encourage sustainable behavior. We will work alongside venues, vendors and volunteers, in collaboration with commercial partners and industry, to make for a more sustainable Worldcon.

Offsetting – We, as an organisation, are exploring the possibility of carbon offsetting at a convention level, the possible partners based in Scotland and the UK, and the logistics and finances associated with it. We will make clear, if we utilise carbon offsetting, the details as part of our drive for transparency in this area. Regardless of whether we are able to provide carbon offsetting for the convention as a whole, we will be endeavoring to provide partnerships and channels for you as members to engage in carbon offsetting at your discretion and we encourage those who are able to, to do so.

The policy statement will be reviewed regularly by the Chair and Reuse & Refuse team to ensure that it remains relevant to Glasgow 2024’s vision of Caring, Inclusion and Imagination, and that it reflects updates to its environmental objectives and targets. This policy is made public through our website.