Childcare at the SEC 

Professional childcare for children aged 3 months to 10 years will be provided by Tinies Glasgow. Childcare services include themed structured and unstructured activities, personal care, and snacks throughout the day.

Location and Hours 

Childcare will be provided in the Campanile Hotel on the SEC Campus. 

Hours will be as follows:

  • Thursday 8 August 11:00 – 17:30
  • Friday 9 August 09:30 – 17:30
  • Saturday 10 August 09:30 – 17:30
  • Sunday 11 August 09:30 – 23:30
  • Monday 12 August 09:30 – 17:30

Note: The creche will be closed for one hour at mid-day for lunch. It will also be closed for one hour on Sunday evening for dinner. 

Costs and Payment 

Childcare costs a flat rate of £60 per child for the entire five-day period of the convention. Payment will be via Stripe (credit card) prior to the convention, or in cash at the convention. 


To pre-register your child, please fill out the Childcare Registration form.

This form asks for contact information and basic information about your child, including special needs and care requirements. 

Following registration, a member of the Childcare Team will contact you with additional information, including the care provider information and the full child information sheet. On or around June 1, 2024, payment links will be issued to everyone who has signed up and chosen the Stripe payment option. 

Detailed information on location and childcare procedures will be provided nearer to the time of the convention.


Q. Do I need to pre-register my children?

A. In order to finalise childcare arrangements, we ask all parents to pre-register their children for childcare by June 30, 2024. After this point, registration will be on a space-available basis.

Q. Can I register my child for childcare if I’m on a day membership?

A. Whether day registration for childcare is offered depends on space availability. This will be determined closer to the convention.

Q. Is childcare a replacement for an infant or child membership?

A. No. Each child attending the convention must also have an infant or child membership, separately from the childcare package. 

Q. Is this part of the Children’s Programme?

A. No. Children’s Programme is a separate programme of activities intended for young children. For more information on the Children’s Programme, please contact

Q. Is a childcare package required for child attendees?

A. No. Childcare is purely an optional service, which you can use if it is right for you. 

Q. Is financial support for childcare available? 

A. Financial support is available via the Community Fund. It is available to anyone for whom childcare costs would be a financial barrier to attendance. While we cannot guarantee support, we will do the best we can.

Q. Is there a family discount?

A. Although we have tried to keep costs as low as possible, we recognise this will still be expensive for multiple children. If cost is a financial barrier, please seek support through the Community Fund

Q. Are the staff qualified?

A. The staff are fully qualified professionals. Tinies staff have appropriate certifications including DBS (background check), food handling, and first aid certifications among others. Registration numbers are monitored to ensure appropriate staffing levels. 

Q. Can I get more info about the Tinies staff and service?

A. Of course! Just contact us at and we can send you the Tinies information brochure. 

Q. My child has special accessibility requirements/allergies/health concerns/requires medication. Can I still register them for childcare?

A. We aim to meet the needs of all children. Please provide information about your child’s needs on the registration form so we can make sure that there are appropriate staffing levels, food, and other resources in place for them. 

Q. Do I need to register for specific hours now?

A. No! Childcare is provided as a single package, allowing maximum flexibility to decide closer to the time (or even on the day) when you want to use the service. 

Q. My plans have changed and I need to cancel. Can I do this?

A. You can cancel your Childcare booking up to the time of the convention.  Please email  if you need to cancel your childcare booking. 

Q. I have another question!

A. Please contact us at with any other questions.