A Bid to Host a Worldcon in Glasgow in 2024

Glasgow in 2024 – A Worldcon for Our Futures
Join us! 8th-12th August 2024

The UK in 2024 Worldcon Bid team are delighted to announce our chosen venue is the Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow.

Glasgow in 2024 LogoGlasgow is a vibrant city filled with science fiction, fantasy and inventiveness, and our team aims to bring our love of these to our Bid to host the 82nd Worldcon. Under its previous name as the SECC, Glasgow has hosted two previous Worldcons: Intersection in 1995, and Interaction in 2005. We are delighted to be able to revisit the SEC Campus, which has seen considerable growth in the last few years, including new onsite hotels, restaurants and development inside the convention centre itself. It will serve as a hub for a fantastic Worldcon. Join us as we bring all our futures together in one great celebration!

Girder Dragon (c) Iain ClarkOur team is a dedicated band of fans both local and international, old and new. Our working party and support team already contain previous Worldcon Chairs and Bid Chairs, who are volunteering alongside newcomers keen to bring Worldcon back to the UK. We draw our experiences from the many events that take place around the UK and beyond. There is huge enthusiasm to host a Worldcon after the successes of Loncon 3 (2014) and the ongoing passion for Dublin 2019, an Irish Worldcon (2019). Our Bid Chair is Esther MacCallum-Stewart.

Our community is a thriving one, and we welcome everyone to join us, share their ideas and celebrate the UK’s ongoing love of science fiction and fantasy.

We started taking pre-supports during Dublin 2019, where we had a formal launch party (we say formal, but there was dancing!). Thank you to everyone who pre-supported, attended and/or volunteered.

If you’d like to find out more, or get involved with Glasgow in 2024, drop us a line!