Where to meet us

Where to meet us

Glasgow 2024 wants to visit many conventions and meet as many of you as possible. Our plan is to both talk about our con and also to learn about local fandom. This is all so exciting! We try to have fan tables at physical, online and hybrid events.

We intend to have a fan table presence at the following events and we cannot wait to meet you there:




If you would like us to join you at other events please let us know at con-presence@glasgow2024.org. We cannot promise we will manage to attend everything but we will look into it!


We have a team of local agents, and you can contact them through our con-presence team:

Gillian Polack

Pascale Chabrillat-Trahin (France)
Marcin Klak (Poland)
Paul van Oven (Netherlands)
Thomas Reckentenwald (Germany)

North America
Tara Boutilier (East Coast)
Tom Boutilier (East Coast)
Chuck Serface (West Coast)

We still need some more agents so please let us know if you’re interested: con-presence@glasgow2024.org

Fan Meet-ups

Meet some volunteers and members of the convention before August! There are regular fan meet-ups in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.
In Glasgow, fans meet approximately monthly at the Curler’s Rest, Byres Road, Glasgow, and there are meet-ups set for Tuesday 20th February and Tuesday 26th March at 7pm.  We’re likely to be upstairs by the fireplace, so look out for people in purple Glasgow 2024 T-shirts.
For Glasgow in January our fan meet up will be on Friday 26th at 7pm in the Radisson Red Sky Bar on the SEC campus.
In Edinburgh, fans meet approximately every six weeks at Jeremiah’s Taproom, Elm Row, Edinburgh. There are meet-ups already scheduled for Thursday 15th February and Thursday 4th April. We meet in the snug at the rear of the pub, and again look out for the purple t-shirts.
Come meet other Glasgow 2024 volunteers and members, and have a drink and a chat. We hope you can join us at these events.