Three Black Halflings

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CRIT-Award winning podcast Three Black Halflings (3BH) will be attending and participating as Special Guests of the 2024 Worldcon.

Three Black Halflings comprise Olivia “Liv” Kennedy (she/her), Jeremy Cobb (he/him), and Jasper William Cartwright (he/him): nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores. Their weekly podcast is on a continuing quest to explore diversity and roll for melanin in the world of TTRPG, and has been described as “a joyful, creative, and chaotic celebration of gamer culture that puts the Black and BIPOC experience front and centre.”

Three Black Halflings won the Best Podcast Award at the inaugural CRIT (Creator Recognition in TTRPG) Awards in 2023. Liv, Jeremy and Jasper are currently excited to be preparing for their first ever live shows, taking place in Manchester and London in April 2024.

Asked what they are looking forward to about attending Glasgow 2024, the group said “Most obviously, getting to play in a game run by the incredible Tanya DePass! But also seeing the crossover between TTRPGs and the Sci-Fi Fantasy community in a seminal event that’s back in the UK for the first time in 10 years. Plus, to be on stages and panels alongside authors we’ve taken inspiration from and looked up to for most of our lives. We can’t wait to roll dice there!”

Glasgow 2024 Chair Esther MacCallum-Stewart added “I’m a huge fan of 3BH and listen to their show as soon as it’s released, as well as using it as a teaching resource in my real-world job as a Professor of Games Studies. Jasper, Liv and Jeremy showcase the absolute best that gaming has to offer at the moment and are at the heart of Glasgow 2024’s vision to be Imaginative, Caring and Inclusive. It’s a delight to welcome them to Worldcon. Huge congratulations also to Jasper and family for the birth of River William Cartwright, a wonderfully bonny bairn, on New Year’s Day!”

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