Glasgow 2024, like all Worldcons, is governed by the rules of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). In addition to running a multi-day convention, each Worldcon carries out important duties allocated to it by WSFS. The best known of those is the administration of that year’s Hugo Awards. However, each year’s Worldcon also administers the Site Selection for the Worldcon to be held two years later. Finally, each Worldcon hosts the WSFS Business Meeting – a meeting that makes decisions about the running of WSFS, the Hugo Awards and Worldcons.

Hugo Awards

The Hugos are leading awards for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy, and are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society at that year’s Worldcon. Nominations for the Hugo Awards will open in early 2024. Members of Glasgow 2024 who have joined before 31 January 2024 will have the right to nominate, as will members of the Chengdu Worldcon in 2023. The final ballot will be announced in the spring of 2024, and all members of Glasgow 2024 will then be able to vote for the winners in each category.

Glasgow 2024 has the right to also award the 1949 Retro Hugo Awards (for works published in 1948), and a Special Category Hugo Award if there are compelling reasons to do so. No decision has yet been made whether a Special Category will be awarded. Glasgow 2024 has decided that rather than focusing narrowly on works from 1948 via formal Retro Hugo Awards, we prefer to honour science fiction and fantasy creators of that era with a historical retrospective that will showcase written works, art, music and film of post-war fandom (1946-1949). And in line with Glasgow 2024’s theme ‘A Worldcon for our Futures’, we will also be extending our imagination into what Science Fiction and Fantasy might look like 75 years from now, at the end of this century. We want to celebrate our past as well as create space for explorations into the future.

Site Selection

The vote to decide on the location for a Worldcon is held at the Worldcon two years previously. Glasgow 2024 is therefore administering the Site Selection for Worldcon in 2026. All members of Glasgow 2024 will be entitled to vote in Site Selection, on payment of an extra fee. Those who vote in Site Selection will automatically get membership of the 2026 Worldcon. Bids for the 2026 Worldcon must be submitted by February 2024.

Business Meeting

The Business Meeting is an important part of any Worldcon, and considers proposals, reports and changes to the WSFS constitution. All members of Glasgow 2024 are entitled to propose business for, and to attend, the Business Meeting.