Programme – Science and Technology

Science and Technology Programme

The Glasgow 2024 Science and Technology programme stream will be linking with the University of Strathclyde to deliver a special symposium entitled ‘Where Science Fact Meets Science Fiction’ as part of the university’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This will feature talks from academic experts researching topics at the interface between science/engineering and SF. We also plan to run at least one ‘Climate Fresk’ workshop as part of the event.

Scotland has long been known for world-changing scientific discoveries and technological innovations. To celebrate this, we plan to deliver an outstanding Science Programme at Glasgow 2024. Taking as inspiration the convention by-line – a Worldcon for our Futures – a major part of the programme will focus on specific themes:

  • Our Future in Space (e.g. space exploration, astronomy, manned and unmanned spaceflight, Earth observation)
  • Our Future on Earth (e.g. climate change, combating disease, sustainability and sustainable development, future energy)
  • Our Future Selves (e.g. bioengineering, genetics, human future cyberspace, the impact of AI, Science & Society).

We especially want to explore the interface and cross-fertilisation between science fact and science fiction, though contributions in any area are welcome. Our programme will feature both academics and fan speakers, a wide variety of panels, some workshops, and of course fun items.