Events – Music


Glasgow is famous for its music and we intend to honour that with a series of concerts in a number of styles, and with links to science fiction and fantasy.

Interstellar Pipe Organ Recital

We are privileged to host a performance of the score of the film Interstellar by organist Roger Sayer, who recorded the original organ soundtrack of the film itself. Roger will also speak about the score and experience of recording for the film. We are planning to hold the performance in a venue with a full pipe organ in Glasgow, close to the convention centre.

Roger Sayer promotional video for the 10th Anniversary performance of the Interstellar score

The Irish Video Game Orchestra

The Irish Video Game Orchestra (IVGO) is a group of passionate musicians at the forefront of the video game music scene. Established in 2015, the IVGO brings the intricate and powerful scores of video game landscapes to audiences across Ireland and the UK. They performed at the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin and Eurocon in Belfast. They are excited to come to Glasgow. IVGO writes “Join us at Worldcon as we take you on an immersive journey through beloved video game realms, bringing to life the iconic scores that resonate with many generations of gaming enthusiasts. From the sweeping melodies of The Elder Scrolls to the powerful dynamics of Baldur’s Gate 3, the IVGO’s performances bridge the gap between the worlds we have traversed on screen and reality.”

Irish Video Game Orchestra: “Main Theme” from the Halo series

The Science Fiction Experience

Join us as we experience a musical journey through Space, Time & Imagination, performed by The Science Fiction Experience, a Scottish 8-piece band playing a fusion of rock and classical, with themes drawn from science, space and science fiction combined with stunning videos, a spectacular light show, and a host of surprise theatrical elements.