WSFS Site Selection

WSFS Site Selection

Worldcon sites are selected two years in advance, by a secret ballot of WSFS members. This includes all full Adult and Young Adult Attending members, Online Members with bundled WSFS Memberships, and WSFS Members of Glasgow 2024.

Glasgow 2024 WSFS Members who wish to vote in Site Selection will need to buy an Advance WSFS Membership in the 2026 Worldcon. All members who pay this fee will automatically become WSFS Members of the 2026 Worldcon, regardless of who they vote for (or indeed if they vote at all).

Site Selection Process and Rules

The Site Selection process is governed by Article 4 of the WSFS Constitution. Section 4.6 defines the requirements for a bidder to be included on the Site Selection ballot. There are two key requirements:

  • The bidding committee must submit file certain documents with the administering committee no later than 180 days before the start of the administering convention (in this case Glasgow 2024). For 2026, this filing deadline is 18 February, 2024.
  • The proposed site must be at least five hundred (500) miles or eight hundred (800) kilometres from the site at which selection occurs (in this case, Glasgow, UK).

Once the submission deadline has passed, we will publish the filing documents from all valid bidders on this web page, to help members assess the candidates that they are voting for.

Filing Deadline

Bidders for the 2026 Worldcon should file their bids with the Glasgow Site Selection Administrator by 23:59 UTC on Sunday, 18 February, 2024. Filings should be submitted by email to

In line with article 4.6.1 of the WSFS Constitution, bidders will need to submit documents showing (a) their intent to bid, (b) evidence of an agreement with the proposed facilities, and (c) the rules under which their Worldcon Committee will operate if elected.

How to Vote

We will announce the voting process once the bidders have been confirmed. We anticipate that members will be able to vote in three ways:

  • Electronically in advance of the convention
  • By post in advance of the convention
  • In person at Glasgow 2024

All ballots will need to be accompanied by the Advance Membership fee. This fee will be confirmed when the ballot is released.

Any Questions

Any questions about the Site Selection process can be emailed to the Site Selection Administrator at