Glasgow 2024 is committed to developing a rich, exciting programme, diverse and inclusive in both its content and its participants. There will be talks, lectures, workshops, readings, panel discussions, family events, entertainment and more. We will seek and embrace input from the communities overlapping with and adjacent to Worldcon, and we look forward to hearing ideas from everyone on what they would like to see at Glasgow 2024.

As always at a Worldcon, there will be programme items that highlight and celebrate our Guests of Honour, exploring their careers and their contributions to speculative fiction, fandom, and the wider community. We will also look to feature current and recent Hugo Award finalists and winners, reflecting the importance of the Awards to Worldcon and the Worldcon community.

Programme starts lunchtime on Thursday 8th of August 2024, and ends late afternoon on Monday 12th of August 2024. Specific start and end times will be published at a later date. There will also be Beyond Programme activity prior to the Con starting as well as during the convention through till Monday evening.

We will strive for clear communication with programme participants and those who have applied to participate, and we will welcome questions if anything is unclear. Please do contact us at if you have questions, suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer.

Participating in the Programme

Full information on how to participate in the Programme can be found on the Programme Participation page. This includes an explanation of the application process and associated key dates.

We have also issued a policy on Programme Participant Selection. This explains our approach to selecting and assigning participants to ensure our programme reflects Glasgow 2024’s overall vision of Caring, Imagination and Inclusion.

Remote/online participation

We wish to provide a range of opportunities for online participants, both to attend programme items and to play a full part in them as speakers and panellists. We will be working on the details for this in advance of launching our online memberships during 2023.

Academic Programme

Glasgow 2024’s academic programme will bring together a diverse set of scholars from the humanities, social sciences, and adjacent disciplines to launch an exploration of SF/F/H’s concern for our futures. You can read the full call for papers and find application information here. You do not need to fill out the expression of interest mentioned in the previous section if you only want to participate in the academic programme.