Art Show

Art Show

Note: the Art Show is currently closed to new applications.

Our information for participating artists is now available and we look forward to seeing you and your art!) in Glasgow later this year. We (John Wilson and Serena Culfeather) are an experienced team, keen to try new ideas and to make the Art Show work for you. You can contact us at, and we look forward to working with you!

List of Participating Artists

This is the current list of artists confirmed for the Glasgow 2024 Art Show as of March 2024. We will update this regularly between now and the convention.

Lissa Allcock
Terri Ash
Jackie Burns
Jim Burns
Didier Cottier
Giulia De Cesare
Kethry Dickson
Jackie Duckworth
Sabine Furlong
Fred Gambino
Sarah Haddock
Maya Hato
Michael Horsfield
Elliot James

Emily January
Dominika Klimczak
David Lascelles
Scott Lefton
Seumas MacDonald
Cristina Macia
Maurizio Manzieri
Linda Marques
Esther McCallum-Stewart
Alissa McKersie
Julie McMurray
Erika Morton
Emma Newman

Judy Perrin
Becky Probert
Ruth Sanderson
Espana Sheriff
Eira Short
Cindy Squires
Robin Stevenson
Kendra Tornheim
Brittany Torres
Kate Towner
Wendy Van Camp
Margaret Walty
Amy Willis