Glasgow 2024 Community Fund

Glasgow 2024 Community Fund

The 82nd World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Glasgow is excited to introduce its Community Fund, designed to provide financial assistance to a diverse range of attendees. 

By providing this financial assistance, Worldcon aims to welcome a broader range of participants – like those from marginalised and underrepresented communities including, but not limited to, those with disabilities and fans from countries historically under-represented at Worldcons. The 2022 Chicago Worldcon Community Fund was able to support over 100 attendees, and we are hoping to match that success.

This initiative reflects our commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diversity within the science fiction and fantasy community. We look forward to welcoming a vibrant mix of attendees to Glasgow in 2024, united by our shared love for science fiction and fantasy. 

“I made contacts with new people that I might never otherwise have met, and I strengthened relationships with friends that are dear and precious to me. I hope that others will be able to benefit from the fund as much as I did, and that those who donate know that their generosity is bringing a fan much-needed wonder and inspiration in an often precarious world.”
– To see more stories from Chicon 8 Community Fund recipients, click here.

How do I donate?

Please support us by donating to the Community Fund via this link or using the QR code below. Your contribution can make a significant difference and every donation, no matter the size, has the power to open doors for someone who otherwise might not be able to attend. The total amount available for distribution will depend on the generosity of our donors.

What can the Fund help with?

The Community Fund has been set up to help with financial assistance for the following:

Membership Assistance

  • Attending Memberships
  • Online Memberships
  • Attending Supplements
  • Online Supplements

Other Financial Support

  • e.g. travel, accommodation, sustenance

Mobility Devices

  • If funding allows, we will organise these on your behalf.  

(Find out more about memberships here.)

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please fill out this form

Application DeadlinesDecisions communicated byFunds transferred by
15th March, 12am GMT.1st April, 202415th April, 2024
If funds allow:
17th May 2024, 12am GMT.
5th June, 202414th June, 2024
If funds allow:
30th June 2024, 12am GMT.
14th July, 202431st July, 2024

All applications will receive equal consideration, contingent on fund availability. Any application that cannot be supported due to lack of available funds in an earlier round will be considered in later rounds. If funds allow, the final deadline for applications will be 30th June.

Please be aware that you will need either a UK bank account or PayPal to receive funds electronically. Alternatively, cash awards can be collected from the Finance Office in Glasgow during the convention.

We are here to support you while you go through your applications. Please email if you have questions about applications or would like to speak to someone. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will funds from the Community Fund be used?

Funds donated to the Community Fund will be used to help pay for applicants (to the Fund) to attend Glasgow 2024. Applicants may use Fund money to pay for memberships, attending supplement fees, lodging costs, travel costs, or subsistence—whatever will help them most in being able to attend the Con.  

How do I donate to the Community Fund?

Donations can be made via this link.

Will I be able to know exactly who my donation went to?

All Community Fund applications will be confidential. As such, specific Fund award information will not be made public – but we will provide general Community Fund statistics and information about the awards provided. 

Who can apply to the Community Fund?

Individuals from the following groups can apply for assistance: 

  • Fans of limited means, especially in the UK and Europe.
  • Marginalised and under-represented groups including, but not limited to, those  with disabilities.
  • International fans from countries historically under-represented at Worldcons.

How do I apply?

Apply for financial assistance via this form

What are the key dates for application and fund distribution?

The first application deadline is 15th March 2024, with decisions communicated by 1st April and funds transferred by 15th April.

Are there any prerequisites for receiving funds?

You have to fall into at least one of the groups we have outlined above. Recipients also need a UK bank account or PayPal for electronic transfers. Alternatively, cash awards can be collected from the Finance Office in Glasgow during the convention.

What if I have questions or need support with my application?

Email support is available:

Can I apply after the initial deadline?

If funds allow, there may be additional application deadlines. All applications received by each deadline will be considered.

What happens if funds remain at the end of Glasgow 2024?

Any money donated to the Community Fund that remains at the end of Glasgow 2024 will be donated to a future Worldcon fund with similar purpose. Funds may also be donated to another non-profit entity in fandom operating to help bring marginalised communities to Worldcon.

Help! You didn’t answer my question…

If we didn’t answer your question in these FAQs, please send your query to for further assistance.