Art Show, Dealers and Displays (AD&D)

We wanted to talk about the things we have planned for Art Show, Dealers and Displays (AD&D), but we realised that there were so many things that it might just look like a wishlist. Which​, of course​, it is. The difference is that we’re planning on making those wishes come true.

AD&D is about the things you don’t see at home, from the phenomenal artwork that we’ve always had, to the exhibits and displays of things that you only get to see at Worldcon (and in 2024, we’re hoping for things that you’ve never seen). And of course, no Worldcon would be complete without things to buy to remember the excellent time you’ve had.

We will have dealers tables, exhibits (both classic and contemporary), and fan tables. We plan for a wide gaming area (you’d expect nothing less with the department being called AD&D), and of course, we’ll have an Art Show, where we’ll be showcasing works both digitally and physically.

We plan on presenting in new ways, so that the areas are different every day, so that everyone gets a chance at the front seats, and we’re looking for things that people haven’t seen before, to complement the classic things that are at every Worldcon.


Ideas for displays are always welcome, and if you have thoughts and concepts to share, we’re open to them. Contact add@glasgow2024.org with any thoughts and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.