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RPG Month: Five Unusual Tabletop RPGs

cover of Bunnies & Barrows featuring an illustration of a sunset landscape with two rabbits in the foreground

Most of you will have heard of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. But there is far more to the world of tabletop RPGs than those ubiquitous giants, and our resident expert is here to introduce you to some more unusual games you may want to try this RPG month. BUNNIES … Read more

RPG Month: Getting into D&D Podcasts and Livestreams

The Glasgow 2024 logo in pride colours featuring a view of Glasgow through the porthole of a spaceship

Since the success of actual play shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, it is now easier than ever to find a regular D&D game to get involved with without any terrible schedule conflicts – you just have to find the right group on Spotify! If you want to … Read more

RPG Month: Resin Dice Tutorial

image of a collection of handmade dice in all sorts of colours

If you’ve ever been interested in creating your own resin dice, I’ve put together this guide from my trail and errors. Mostly, to help you try to avoid the pitfalls I’ve run into. I am Grace Worm, a 3rd year PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow where I research … Read more

RPG Month: Dice for Glasgow 2024

three finished Glasgow D24 in blues and purple

I like dice! I really like custom dice. I was super excited back when Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon produced custom dice featuring its logo. However, the Dublin dice were d6s. I thought it would have been cool to have a D20 with the Dublin logo on the 19 side. … Read more

Representation and Demography and Glasgow in 2024 Volunteers

Our volunteer demographic survey: an important tool for tracking representation As part of Glasgow in 2024’s volunteer recruitment process, we are requesting that all bid and convention volunteers who feel comfortable doing so fill out an optional, anonymous demographics survey. This is something which past Worldcons have aspired to do, … Read more

Worldcon How-To – The Best Way to Become a Convention Member

It is traditionally considered bad form for a bid to announce its initial convention rates prior to being selected, as this may influence the selection process. After all, we want people to choose the bid that will run the best, rather than the cheapest, Worldcon. However, as Glasgow 2024 is … Read more

Pride 2022: A recommendation masterlist

The Glasgow 2024 logo in pride colours featuring a view of Glasgow through the porthole of a spaceship

Hello and welcome all! I hope you have had a wonderful Pride month so far – and I hope that our offering will help you end it with a bang. For 2022, the Glasgow 2024 blog team has asked around and got friends of the bid – from authors to … Read more

Meet Your Committee: Bobbi Armbruster

woman in blue top and jacket, with purple bobbed hairstyle, sitting in front of a colourful flower wall. she is looking at the camera and smiling

This week we have a delightful introduction to Bobbi Armbruster, the Queen of Time herself. My official position, I believe, is Manager of the Timeline. Yes, I am the Queen of Time! Not that I can do anything with that; it doesn’t benefit me in any way, darn it. But … Read more