Landing Zone Glasgow

A Gallery of Armadillos

A lego armadillo sitting in the grass. The body is grey and light brown, the armour a bright orange.

Back in February we asked you to help us create an Alphabet of Armadillos, and we’re very happy with all the responses we got! If I counted correctly, there are exactly 26 completed armadillos on the list today, so we got a whole alphabet’s worth! Thank you to everybody who … Read more

Scottish Castles in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Duart and Dunnottar

A drawing of an imposing medieval castle set on a rocky outcrop against a sunset sky

The November edition of our Scottish Castles series beckons, and this second entry in the series focuses on two castles with long associations with vampires and monsters. Though maybe not the most frequently portrayed or well-known examples in sci-fi and fantasy, both Duart and Dunnottar Castles have left their mark … Read more

A Night to Remember: Halloween RPG Oneshot

an open wooden box filled with polyhedral dice used for role playing games

“Welcome, welcome! Come one, come all! Welcome to the fabulous and newly renovated Monbeau Theatre! Please, if everyone can make your way to your seats, the play is about to begin!” You are cordially invited to the opening night of the latest play by the dazzling young playwright, Bertrand Gilliard. … Read more

Meet Your Committee: Brian Nisbet – IT Systems

Brian Nisbet sitting in a replica of the iron throne from the TV show Game of Thrones, with a large convention venue in the background

It’s the second Wednesday of the month, and that means it is time for our second Meet the Committee post. This week, you’re introduced to Brian Nisbet, who presides over IT Systems. Brian is an Irish gamer, fan and conrunner who lives in Dublin with his wife Shevaun. In his … Read more