Landing Zone Glasgow

Worldcon How-To – The Best Way to Become a Convention Member

It is traditionally considered bad form for a bid to announce its initial convention rates prior to being selected, as this may influence the selection process. After all, we want people to choose the bid that will run the best, rather than the cheapest, Worldcon. However, as Glasgow 2024 is … Read more

The Fantastic Tree of Life

A Tree of Life made up of various household items and toys, as well as plastic flowers, creating a large statue.

The Glasgow in 2024 Craft Team is going to bring an in-person community craft project to Reclamation, this year’s Eastercon. We’re very excited and hope you’ll be able to join us, but even if you can’t, this blog post is going to tell you all about the project and how … Read more

Disability History Month: Dyscalculia in Yoon Ha Lee’s THE MACHINERIES OF EMPIRES by S.L. Dove Cooper

    In some ways, representation is a funny thing because it depends so much on our expectations and our desires to be seen. I’m both asexual and dyscalculic. I grew up both without explicit representation for these, but also without words. Even had there been representation I wouldn’t have … Read more

Disability History Month: A Conversation With Hayleigh Barclay

I recently had a wonderful chat with Dr Hayleigh Barclay about her writing, representation of disability and storytelling. Hayleigh is a Scottish author and she has spinal muscular atrophy. Her debut, Girl of the Ashes, a historical fantasy about vampires was published by Garmoran Publishing in 2020, which she wrote … Read more

Crochet Solar System Wheelchair Spoke Cover

A wheelchair wheel with a dark blue crochet cover attached, showing the sun in the middle and the planets of the solar system around it.

Today I’m sharing a pattern for a crochet wheelchair spoke cover I recently made! I took a basic pattern for a doily, altered the dimensions slightly and included a sun at the centre. I didn’t want the middle of my crochet piece to be rubbing against the centre of the … Read more