Landing Zone Glasgow

Scottish Castles in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: an Introduction

photograph of a castle on a small island on a lake against a mountainous backdrop

Castle. The simple word evokes images of myth and legend, fantastical landscapes populated by the stalwart and sinister characters of lore. Castles have been the sites of some of the more dramatic moments of medieval history, but they have also coloured our screens and dominated our imaginations in the worlds … Read more

Crafting Fan Jewellery from Shrink Plastic

Closeup of Glasgow in 2024 bid logo earring worn in left ear. Only the bottom part of the ear, a bit of the cheek and some hair is visible around the earring.

I recently found a pile of Shrinky Dinks paper at the bottom of a drawer and thought to myself, “Oh, the possibilities!” No doubt this is the exact same thought I’d had when I put it in the drawer to begin with several years ago, but this time I was … Read more

Xyr | Xe | IDIC: creating movement, hybridity and change in speculative writing and teaching

How it often starts: with a rush of non-linked ideas. I want to write about flight and apophenia and knowledge in context and about data bias and nonconscious cognitions, and hybridity and speculative spaces, and the joyful upending of inequalities, and the pleasure in being thrilled when reading and discussing … Read more