Weapons Policy

Weapons Policy

Please read this entire policy before attending Glasgow 2024.

Attendees include Committee, Staff, Volunteers, Members and ticket holders, and all others trading, exhibiting and otherwise participating.

Venue Staff refers to those employed by the SEC and all hotels.

Compliance with the Weapons Policy is mandatory for all attendees.

Convention and Venue Staff reserve the right to consider any weapon or prop to be breaking these rules if deemed to be unsafe or likely to cause danger or undue disruption.

Scottish weapons laws are very strict. It is illegal to carry firearms, projectile weapons, blunt weapons, blades, or anything that can be mistaken for a firearm, projectile weapon, blunt weapon or blade. You will not be permitted to bring these items into the country or carry them to the convention. If the Police or Customs consider an item to be in breach of these laws, Glasgow 2024 cannot assist you in getting this decision reversed.

While determination of whether a prop is a weapon will be completed by the Convention Operations team (Con Ops), the safety of props or costume weapons is solely the responsibility of the owner/wearer.

Rules Governing Prop Weapons and Tools

Strictly Prohibited Items

  • No actual weapon, or any item that can be mistaken for one, may be carried by Attendees, either openly or concealed, at any time on properties being used for Glasgow 2024.
  • Metal Weapons are prohibited under all circumstances. Con Ops is the final arbiter of what constitutes ‘metal weapons’.
  • Toys and other items designed to spray liquids, such as water pistols, are not permitted on site. Hairspray is not prohibited, though it is restricted to considerate use in bathrooms.

Items That Must Be Checked by the Convention Operations Team

If you want to carry a weapon, or a tool, and are unsure whether your weapon might be considered realistic or your tool may be considered dangerous, you must present it to the Con Ops main office. Con Ops are the final arbiter of whether the item may be carried and whether it requires peace-bonding.

Any other item you are wearing or carrying that has projections or sharp edges that might cause injury must be assessed by Con Ops to determine suitability for use in the venue.


The only allowable variation to this policy for Members will be for any convention scheduled programme demonstration activities in designated areas at specific times, which have been risk assessed. This includes Masquerade and related photo sessions and specified demonstrations. If you are unsure whether your activity falls under this exception, please inquire at the Con Ops desk.

The only allowable exceptions for Staff and Volunteers are for tools required for the role they are performing. Tools under this exception are to be stored responsibly.

Venue Staff are not restricted from using the tools required for their jobs.

The weapons policy does not prevent the use of disability aids, medical devices or other items designed to assist those living with medical conditions that might otherwise be covered by this policy. We respectfully request anyone with an object that might be mistaken for something that would require a weapons check please notify Con Ops that this item is necessary. We do not consider standard walking sticks to need this notification. Sword sticks that are being used as walking sticks are prohibited.

Other Considerations

  • Please use hilts that do not separate from scabbards, strings that do not hold tension in bows and equivalent safety measures as alternatives to realistic weapons for Masquerade and hall costumes.
  • Be prepared to carry approved weapons and tools securely in bags during your journey to and from the Venues.
  • Any actual weapon, or any item that can be mistaken for one, that you have purchased at the convention must be wrapped and immediately transported to your hotel room or vehicle. If you want to carry the item at the convention, please seek approval from the Con Ops team as described above.
  • Any weapon or other item that is used in a threatening or harmful manner may result in confiscation of the item and/or removal of your membership or ticket without refund.

Glasgow 2024 reserves the right to alter these rules without notice should it be deemed necessary.