Registration FAQ

Glasgow 2024 A Worldcon for Our Futures Registration FAQ

What does “WSFS” mean?

You will see the WSFS acronym a lot on our pages. This stands for the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society that authorises Worldcon and administers the Hugo Awards.

What does “WSFS Rights” mean? – What rights come with a membership to Glasgow 2024 A Worldcon for Our Futures?

We mention WSFS rights often. If you purchase a WSFS membership to Glasgow 2024, a Worldcon for Our Futures, you will have the following rights not available to ticket holders:

  • You may nominate in the 2024 Hugo Awards, for works produced in 2023, so long as you are a member by 31 January 2024. These nominations determine the works that will appear on the final ballot.
  • You may download the Hugo Awards voting packet.
  • You may vote in the 2024 Hugo Awards.
  • You may participate in Site Selection to choose which of the candidate bids will host the 2026 Worldcon, provided you  also purchase an Advance 2026 WSFS Membership (sometimes called a Site Selection Voting Fee). This gives you a WSFS membership for the 2026 Worldcon.
  • You may participate in the 2024 WSFS Business Meeting that sets the rules that govern the World Science Fiction Society and its annual convention. This includes proposing motions to be debated, attending and speaking at the meeting, and voting on any resolutions. Note that if you do not attend the Glasgow 2024 Worldcon in person, you may propose motions, but not attend the Business Meeting.
  • You may nominate in the 2025 Hugo Awards, for works produced in 2024, so long as you have ticked the box on your membership page that will allow us to pass on your contact details to the 2025 Worldcon.
  • You will receive electronic copies of all Glasgow 2024’s generally distributed publications; those attending in person may also collect physical copies of some of these publications. 

In addition, if Glasgow 2024 has to limit access to specific parts of the convention, WSFS members will get priority over day-ticket holders.

Do I have to be a member to attend Glasgow 2024?

Worldcon is the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), an unincorporated literary society. You need to have a WSFS membership to participate in Glasgow 2024, a Worldcon for Our Futures. Membership is open to anyone who agrees to abide by the convention’s Code of Conduct and who pays the annual membership fee, which is £45 for the year 2024. 

To attend the convention in person, members will also need to add an attending supplement, which includes access to our online offering. The price of the supplement will vary by the type of attendance, the attendee’s circumstances, and their age. For current rates, see our Memberships and Tickets page.

How do I create an account and purchase a membership?

Here are step by step instructions for buying a membership:

  1. Go to the Glasgow Registration page ( and click the “Sign Up” button.
  1. Create a USER. You will use this USER name whenever you need to log on to our system. You will need to specify: 
    • A USER name that you choose 
    • An EMAIL ADDRESS where we can  contact you.
    • A PASSWORD that you will need to enter twice to pick up errors
    • Click Sign Up and your USER will be created.
    • Your USER dashboard will be displayed, showing any purchases that you have made. At this stage there should just be a large blue blob with a Buy Now button.
  1. Click Buy Now. This will show you all the available options. You can reduce this to a small list by using one or more of the filter options. Each option will have a small black information symbol. Hovering your cursor over this symbol will give you more information about the option.
    • Click Purchase under the chosen option. 
    • Click Add.
    • Fill in the form.
    •  We ask for email again on this form, since one user can buy memberships for more than one person and they may each have their own email. We also allow you to specify an alternate email address, in case we cannot reach you at the primary email address. 
    • Once the form is complete click Create. This will add your options to your basket.
    • If you wish, you may add another participant at this point.
  1. Click Checkout on the top right. 
  1. Click on the tick box to accept the Code of Conduct, found here
  1. Follow the instructions to make a credit card payment.

How to purchase a WSFS-only membership

If you wish to become a WSFS member but do not plan to attend the convention, you may purchase a WSFS-only supplement following the directions above for purchasing a membership. The supplement price is listed as £0.00, but the £45.00 WSFS membership will be added at checkout.

What does Glasgow 2024 mean by “Historically Underrepresented Voices”? Do I qualify for this discounted rate?

Glasgow 2024 values inclusivity and does not explicitly define the Historically Underrepresented Voice category. If you feel that voices like yours are historically underrepresented at Worldcons then you may opt for this discounted membership.

Will Glasgow 2024 offer day memberships?

In recognition that not everybody will be able to fully participate in the convention because of their age, or not being able to attend all five days of the convention, Glasgow 2024 offers day tickets (not memberships) which give the holder the right to attend the convention on specific days. Day tickets allow you to attend any on-site Glasgow 2024 function held that day, including ceremonies and parties, except the Business Meeting (unless you also have a WSFS Membership). Please see our Memberships and Tickets page for rates.

Will Glasgow 2024 offer online memberships?

We have two levels of online participation: online Memberships, that include WSFS Rights; and online Tickets, that do not include WSFS Rights. These are now available. We will not be offering discounted or one-day online memberships/tickets. Online memberships and tickets will only be available to people aged 16 and above. While not every event will be available to our online members, we do expect to offer a robust selection of online, hybrid, and streaming program items. More details will be published closer to the convention. Please see our Memberships and Tickets page for rates.

Does Glasgow 2024 offer family or group rates?

Given the large number of different types of Adult and Child rates offered by Glasgow 2024, and growing definitions of what constitutes a family, Glasgow 2024 will not be offering a family rate. As an alternative we have chosen to keep our rates for under 16s as low as possible, such that the average under 16 rate is a quarter of the standard adult rate. This compares to the more common child rates of 50% or higher at commercial events. 

However, we will offer discounts between 10% and 25% of the attending supplement price for group bookings of 10 or more attending members, including Young Adults and Teens. These discounts are not available on our web site and are not retrospective. If you are putting together a group, for instance a student society, please email the registration team at to discuss the requirements and possible discounts. 

Does Glasgow 2024 offer an instalment plan?

Yes, however new instalment plans are no longer available as of 1st March 2024.

If you have already purchased your membership under an instalment plan, payments must be completed by 30th June 2024.

If your circumstances change before you make your final payment, just email Registration at and we will cancel the instalment plan and refund any payments made on your attending supplement, less a £5 charge to cover credit card charges and other costs incurred by the convention. After the final payment is made, your Attending Membership Supplement is subject to our normal refund policy.

Does Glasgow 2024 offer tickets for carers?

Yes. We offer a complimentary pass for carers if you require one to accompany you for you to be able to attend Glasgow 2024 in person. Once you have purchased your own attending membership, simply email us at with the carer’s name and we will set that up for you.

​Does the child ticket come with creche hours?

No. We have chosen to keep our rates for Child Tickets as low as possible, such that the average rate is a quarter of the standard adult rate. We will be publishing the rates for creche care in a future progress report.

Will Glasgow 2024 membership rates increase?

Yes. To encourage folk to join early we expect to raise our attending supplement rates every five months from 1st May 2023, each time by 10-15%, depending on economic requirements. Our rates will increase on 1st May 2023, 1st October 2023, 1st March 2024, and 1st August 2024.

I would like a badge for my awesome hat. Can I get one?

Yes. We offer Apocryphal Badges for non-persons (Service Dogs, stuffed animals, mobis, costume props, etc.) for a mere £5.

What is Glasgow 2024’s refund policy?

Generally, Glasgow 2024 will not be offering refunds. Exceptional circumstances will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Even in the event of a refund, only the attending supplement may be refunded, less a £5 charge to cover credit card charges and other costs incurred by the convention.

If you wish to apply for a refund (not guaranteed), please email the registration team at explaining why you need the refund and why you cannot transfer the attending supplement. 

Can I transfer a Glasgow 2024 membership?

After a recent change in the WSFS constitution, you can no longer transfer your WSFS membership to another individual. However, you can still transfer any associated attending supplements you may have to another individual with their own WSFS Only membership

To transfer a supplement simply email our registration team at from the email address registered with the convention. This email should specify 

  • Membership number of the supplement to be transferred, this can be found on your dashboard in the registration system
  • The name of the person to whom the supplement should be transferred
  • The membership number of the WSFS membership to be linked to the transferred supplement

If all is in order the registration team will transfer the supplement to the transferee, and set your attending supplement to WSFS Only (Supporting).

Please note if you are transferring a discounted supplement, purchased due to the age or circumstances of the individual it was purchased for, if the transferee does not match the same profile, they should use the upgrade function to change the supplement type and pay the difference in prices before they attend the convention, or they will be asked to pay the difference at the door. 

How to Receive a Glasgow 2024 attending supplement

If someone has agreed to transfer their attending supplement to you, you will still need to purchase a WSFS Only membership of your own.

Once you have purchased your own WSFS membership, the current owner of the attending supplement should email to request the transfer. You will be notified when the transfer is complete.

After the transfer has been made, you may log on to view/update any details associated with the membership, such as specifying a specific badge name or indicating whether or not you wish your name to be listed on our members web site.

If the transferred supplement was for a discounted rate that does not apply to you (i.e., First Worldcon, or Young Adult), use the upgrade function to change the supplement type and pay the difference before you attend the convention.

I voted in the 2024 Site Selection, what do I need to do?

As a voter in the 2024 Site Selection, you will have automatically been assigned a WSFS membership.

If you were not a Friend of the bid, we will have created a user account for you shortly after registration opened, and populated this with a WSFS Only (Supporting) membership. To upgrade to an attending membership simply log into your account and click on the “Upgrade” button of the WSFS Only supplement, select the type of attending supplement you want, and then pay. 

As a Voter we will have emailed your login details to your user account, but if you have not received this email or have forgotten how to login to your user account, please email our registration team at

When do I receive my entry badge etc?

All convention credentials will be collected at the convention. Instructions on what kind of information to bring to the registration desk will be published closer to the convention. 

What will appear on my convention badge?

All attending members will have the same underlying badge design, and holders of discounted memberships will not be visibly identified. The only individuals with differing badges will be ticket holders, where the type of ticket will be identified. 

There is a Badge Name field on your Registration record. Whatever you put in that field will be printed on your badge as long as it conforms to the Code of Conduct. If you leave that field blank, then we’ll use your Registered Preferred Name and if neither of those fields are filled in, then your Registered Name.

There is an optional Badge Title field on your Registration record as well. This is a field to put such things as your company name, or the name of your book, or a title you wish to appear on your badge.

In addition, your membership number and country will appear on the badge. 

Your badge may also show information about how to contact important areas of the convention, such as how to report Code of Conduct violations. Badges of Minors may contain information on how to contact their onsite parents or guardians.

Please check your membership record, and especially the membership record of any minors in your care, prior to attending the convention to ensure the name you want to display is in each Badge Name field.

How do I register with the accessibility team?

All attending supplement records (in-person or online) have a number of optional tick boxes. One of these is to be contacted by our accessibility team. If you tick this box our accessibility team will get in touch with you and assess your requirements and how best we can meet them. You may also contact them directly at

How do I apply to be on Programme?

All attending supplement records (in-person or online) have a number of optional tick boxes. One of these is to be contacted by our programme team, and another to tell us you would like to be a panellist, presenter, or performer at the convention. Tick either/both of these boxes and our programme team will be in touch with you to start the process of adding you to their list of possible programme participants. You may also contact them directly at

How do I apply for space in the Art Show, Dealers, and Displays Hall?

All attending supplement records (in-person or online) have a number of optional tick boxes. Several of these allow you to register your interest in different areas of the Exhibits Hall.

  • If you want to put up a display – click on the “Exhibitor” check box
  • If you would like to be a dealer – click on the “Dealers” check box
  • If you would like a fan table – click on the “Fan Table” check box
  • If you would like to exhibit in the Art Show – click on the “Art Show” check box

In each case you will then be contacted by the relevant team to discuss your options. You may also contact them directly at

How do I become a volunteer?

All attending supplement records (in-person or online) have a number of optional tick boxes. One of these is to be contacted by our volunteer team who will discuss the options with you. Check this box and they will be in touch with you, with many thanks as Worldcons are run totally by volunteers, from tip to tail and every little bit helps. You can find more information here.

How do I minimise the communications I receive from the convention?

All attending supplement records (in-person or online) have a number of optional tick boxes. One of these allows you to request minimal, but not zero, contact from the convention. If you check this box, we will only send you what we consider essential emails. Please note if you check this box, you will not be sent:

  • Reminders to add a WSFS membership if you were a Friend of the bid. You will just get final notification prior to being down-graded to an online member
  • If you are a WSFS Only (Supporting) member you will not get notifications of any rate rises
  • You will only get an initial instruction message when Hugo Nominations and Voting open, you may not receive reminders
  • You will only get an initial instruction message when 2026 Site Selection opens, you may not receive reminders
  • You will not receive our regular members newsletter
  • You may only receive an initial message when hotel bookings open, you will not receive reminders or updates
  • If you ticked any contact request check-boxes you may only be sent an initial contact email, and may not receive follow-up emails.

You may also miss other communications but, generally speaking, if you regularly check our web site and follow us on social media you should pick up most of these messages. 

Where can I find the membership list?

The Glasgow 2024 membership list and membership statistics are both available online, and are updated as memberships change.

How do I prevent, or change, my name from being displayed on the Membership List?

All Registration records whether you are attending in-person, online, have purchased a ticket, or have a WSFS-only (Supporting) membership have a drop down field called “Listing Type”. We default to “Not Listed” which means your name will not appear on the public Membership List. If you wish to have your Preferred Name listed, select that option. If you wish to have your Badge Name listed, select that option. You may change your preference at any time. The web page will be updated automatically.

Logging in to book hotels

To log in and book your hotel room, you will need to log into the membership portal as an individual Worldcon ‘participant’:

  1. You will need the email address your membership was booked with, together with your ticket number, which you can get from the email confirmation of your booking. If you elected to appear on our public membership list, you can also get your ticket number by searching for your name on If you don’t have the email confirmation, and you are not listed on the public membership list, you can request your ticket number by email from
  2. Once you have the email address and ticket number, go to and enter them into the form. Click the ‘Email Login’ button, and you will be emailed a link to log in with.
  3. When the login link arrives, click the link, and you will be taken to your participant dashboard, there is a tab there “Available Actions” click into that and you will see a link for Hotel Booking. Click the button to see information about how to book, including a link to the booking system itself.

Logging in to nominate for the Hugo Awards

Detailed instructions for how to nominate, plus more specific information about the nomination categories and eligibility, are available here: