Glasgow 2024 memberships & tickets

Membership vs Tickets

Glasgow 2024 will be selling both Memberships (that give the holder the WSFS rights to participate in the 2024 Hugos and the 2026 Site Selection, and which may include attendance rights) and Tickets (that only give the holder the right to attend the convention in some limited fashion, i.e., either as a Child/Infant or for a particular day).

Memberships come in two parts, a WSFS Membership which gives the holder the WSFS rights, and an attending supplement that defines the attending rights of the member. The WSFS Membership is non-transferable, but the attending supplement is fully transferable.

In-person attendance

In-person memberships and tickets for Glasgow 2024 are divided into five categories based on the calendar year in which you were born.

  • Adult Attending Membership: for those aged 26 or older at the start of 2024, i.e., born before 1998
  • Young Adult Attending Membership: for those aged 16 to 25 at the start of 2024, i.e., born 1998 – 2007
  • Teen Attending Membership: for those aged 11 to 15 at the start of 2024, i.e., born 2008 – 2012
  • Child Attending Ticket: for those aged 6 to 10 at the start of 2024, i.e., born 2013 – 2017
  • Infant Attending Ticket: for those aged 0 to 5 at the start of 2024, i.e., born after 2017

In addition, we will be offering discounted In-Person Adult Attending memberships for:

  • Anyone attending their first Worldcon in-person (you are still eligible for this even if you have attended a previous Worldcon online/virtually)
  • Anyone resident in Scotland or the Scottish Isles (but we will require your address as confirmation)
  • Anyone who is a member of a group which has been historically under-represented at Worldcon in the past.

Virtual attendance

From 1 May 2023, we will be offering Virtual Attending memberships (but not tickets, whether Child, Infant or Day). As with Attending memberships, Virtual Attending memberships will require a Virtual Attending supplement and a WSFS membership. We will not be offering discounted Virtual Adult memberships.

Day tickets

If you cannot attend the entire convention, but want to join us for a day or two, we will have day tickets on sale from 1st March 2024. But please note, if wanting to attend 3 or more days it will be cheaper to buy a full membership than 3 one-day tickets.

Not sure whether you can attend at all?

If you are not yet sure whether you can attend, we are also offering WSFS-only memberships, open to any age group. These were formerly called ‘Supporting Memberships’, and will give you full WSFS rights to participate in the 2024 Hugos and the 2026 Site Selection.

Membership rates

Our initial rates, and how they relate to being a supporter of the bid or voter are:

If a field is marked ‘Automatic’ this person automatically has this option, BLACK fields do not apply to that participant type. These rates will rise on 1st May 2023. Note all membership rates include the £45 charge for a WSFS membership in addition to the attending supplement charge.

Please note non-voting Friends who have not become In-Person Attending members, will from May 1st 2023 be downgraded to Virtual Attending members.

For questions about other rates, installment plans and refund policies, see the registration FAQ.