Hugo Awards – Final Ballot

Hugo Awards – Final Ballot

The Final Ballot for the winners of the 2024 Hugo Awards, the Lodestar Award and the Astounding Award is now Open!

Eligibility to Vote

You may vote in the final ballot for the 2024 Hugo Awards, the Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book, and the Astounding Award for Best New Writer, if you are a Glasgow 2024 Member.  (This includes Attending Adult, Young Adult, and Teen Members, Online Attending Members, and WSFS Members. Holders of Day Tickets, Online Attending Tickets, and Child/Infant Attending Tickets are not eligible to vote).

Note: We are offering Chinese translation for the 2024 Hugo Award Voting Ballot as a courtesy. You can access the Chinese-language PDF version of the final ballot as well as a PDF version of these instructions.

注:我们提供了2024年雨果奖选票的中文翻译版以供使用。你可以在[这里]获取中文PDF 1 , PDF 2

Translated by: Sophia Xue
中文译者:Sophia Xue


All ballots must be received by Saturday, 20th July 2024, 20:17 GMT.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the Hugo voting process or need assistance with submitting your ballot, please contact us at

Accessing the Hugo Awards Voter Packet

The Hugo Awards Voter Packet is a collection of material to help you decide how to vote in the Final Ballot for this year’s Hugo Awards. The reading material, artwork, and videos have been generously provided by the finalists and their publishers and other copyright holders.  The material is available from now until the end of the Hugo voting period, so if you plan to make use of it, please do so before voting closes.

Glasgow 2024 members can access the 2024 Voter Packet packet by visiting and logging in as you would to vote (see below for details of how to do this). Once you are logged in, click the “Download the packet” link underneath the green “Click to Vote” button. Instructions and individual category downloads are available once you click through.

Voting by Surface Mail

Download a printable ballot in PDF format. Print the ballot and follow the included instructions carefully. All ballots must be received by Saturday, 20 July 2024, 20:17 GMT. (Information on where to post your ballot to are included in the instructions).

Accessing the E-Ballot

1. Go to

2. Click ‘Log in with Glasgow in 2024 Registration’

3. Login to the Glasgow 2024 Registration system

Note: If you have already logged into the registration system, you will be taken to step 4.

a) Email Login (default login): Enter your email address and ticket number.
(i) Click “Email Login”
(ii) Go to the email entered and select the email with the login URL.
(b) Direct Login (link above Email Login): Enter your email address, ticket number, and password associated with the registration user.

4. Click the ‘Authorize’ button. That will take you back to the voting main page.

5. Click the box that says “Click to vote”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I am sharing a browser with another member and they have already logged in to vote?

A. If they are still currently logged in then use the sign out at the top of the voting site pages. If you are on a machine that is shared we recommend you always sign out whenever you are finished voting.

Q. What if I am sharing a browser with another member and they have already logged in as a member to Glasgow registration?

A. When you get the authorized page (step 4) and the person shown is not you, click “this is not me” and start the login process as yourself.

Q. What if I see memberships & tickets purchased on Glasgow registration

A. Go directly to

Voting on the E-Ballot

After logging in and accessing the e-ballot, the entire ballot will be on the screen for you to vote. As you scroll, complete the following for each category:

  1. Select the rank you wish to give each finalist
  2. No Award is the final option on the ballot
  3. Select “Submit” or “Save as you go” to save your changes and submit your ballot.
    • The “Submit” Button is at the very bottom of the ballot
    • “Save as you go” buttons are at the end of each category.

You can make as many changes as you like to your ballot until the deadline.

Notes on Voting

  • Mark your choices in each category in order of preference. “1” for first place, “2” for second place, and so on
  • Unranked means that you are not ranking the finalist
  • A lower preference is considered only if all the candidates ranked higher have been eliminated
  • You are not required to rank all the finalists in any category
  • If you decide not to vote in any given category, leave it “Unranked”
  • “No Award” is not an abstention. It means that none of the finalists should be given the award in question
  • If you give preference votes to finalists below your ranking of No Award, your vote will count for those finalists if all higher-ranked preferences, including No Award, are eliminated
  • If you indicate a preference for No Award and leave other finalists blank, your vote will not count for or against those finalists at all.

When the ballots are counted, all the first place votes will be tabulated.

If no finalist receives more than half of the votes, the finalist with the fewest first place votes is eliminated, and their votes are transferred to the finalists with the next preferences on those ballots.

This process of elimination of the last-placed finalist and redistribution of their votes to the next available preference continues until one finalist has more than half of all remaining votes, at which point that finalist becomes the winner (except under specific conditions described in Sections 3.6 and 3.12 of the WSFS Constitution).