Meet Member and Staff Services

Member and Staff Services (MSS) is the division that considers our members and staff first and foremost, from ordering the convention’s ribbons for badges to organising bursaries to provide financial support for attending. This far out from the convention, our largest and most visible areas are the Accessibility and Volunteers teams.

Accessibility is the team that does its best to make the convention as accessible as possible, whether that’s vetting our online platform, arranging for mobility devices, or coordinating other accessibility-related needs. Those needs are often physical, but provision for mental needs, such as quiet spaces, is also important.

Our convention is entirely run by volunteers, and the Volunteers team is the group that coordinates all of us—from gathering some initial information about new volunteers to proposing them to divisions, where they may be happy volunteers, to organising rewards for our volunteers.

In a change from many other Worldcons, Tours will be run under MSS before, during, and after the convention. The ‘during’ part has often been looked after by Programme—but we want to make sure that tours are offered in a consistent way. Whether you’re locals looking to explore or visitors discovering Scotland for the first time, we hope to have tempting tours for you to take. 

Some of MSS’s other assorted areas include the team that orders in office supplies (Con Office), the Code of Conduct team, and the team that responds to all emails sent to our public info@ email address, whether by forwarding them on appropriately or answering them directly.

No matter if you attend Glasgow 2024, A Worldcon for our Futures, in person or online, you’re likely to be interacting with the Member and Staff Services division eventually. We look forward to hearing from you!

The 82nd Worldcon will take place in Glasgow, August 8–12, 2024. We can’t wait to welcome you to Glasgow and the SEC/Armadillo for a Worldcon for Our Futures.

Shana Worthen is the Division Head for Member and Staff Services for Glasgow 2024: A Worldcon For Our Futures.