Artist Feature: Sara Felix

Sara is a Hugo award-winning mixed media artist who works in acrylics, inks, and resin. Her techniques of creating abstract space art focus on letting go and letting the medium drive the final look of the piece. She has been showing art at conventions since 2000 and has worked on conventions just as long. Sara has designed two Hugo bases, one for MidAmeriCon II in 2016 and then one co-designed for Worldcon 76 with Vincent Villafranca in 2018. She has also designed four of the Lodestar Awards and various other awards for conventions.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she started making tiaras for Tiara Tuesday and, at this point, has created over 200 tiaras since 2020. She creates a new tiara every week, which she shows on social media. Her tiaras have been gifts for award winners, con chairs, and have been worn by Hugo nominees, among others. For Glasgow, she has made a giveaway tiara every year since ConZealand, combining the look and feel of each year’s Worldcon with some sort of Glasgow flare.

As president of ASFA, The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, Sara has helped run the Chesley awards as well as created new projects for artists in the organisation. She curated the Infinite Worlds gallery show in Austin, which included Michael Whelan, John Picacio, Omar Rayyan, and thirty-three other contemporary science fiction and fantasy artists. She is also one of the current editors on Journey Planet. Learn more about her Sara and Journey Planet here.

Sara is the head of Publications for Glasgow, and helps determine the artistic direction of the convention. She designed the logo and creates each of the logos for different holidays and events. The purple-and-blue background used on social media is one of her abstract pieces. She also designed one of the gin labels, designed the tartan, created a fabric line for fun—and there will be lots of other things at con that Sara will touch.

The 82nd Worldcon will take place in Glasgow, August 8–12, 2024. We can’t wait to welcome you to Glasgow and the SEC/Armadillo for a Worldcon for Our Futures.