Committee and Staff List

The Glasgow 2024 Worldcon Bid is overseen by the Glasgow 2024 Board, and operates under an overall Bid Charter. The Board provides governance and oversight of the Bid Committee. We have also established an independent Code of Conduct team which operates in parallel to the Bid Committee to oversee our Code of Conduct.

Our Bid Committee is led by the Bid Chair, Esther MacCallum-Stewart. A full list of our Committee and Staff can be found below.

We are continuing to recruit staff to work on the Bid at various levels – either in ongoing roles or to take on specific, time-limited projects. We will be adding a Volunteer Form to the website in due course; in the meantime, if you would like to join the team, you can reach us via our Contact Form or by emailing us at

The information below is correct as of 29th July 2020. We will be updating it on a regular basis.

Governance and Oversight

Glasgow 2024 Board: James Bacon, Steve Cooper, Christine Davidson, Michael Davidson, Vincent Docherty, Colin Harris, Alice Lawson, Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Mark Meenan

Code of Conduct: Milena Popova
Advisor: Paul Anthony Shortt

Bid Committee: Esther MacCallum-Stewart (Chair), Bobbi Armbruster, James Bacon, Clare Boothby, Matt Calvert, Steve Cooper, Steve Davies, Vincent Docherty, Phil Dyson, Colin Harris, Emma Kalson, Meg MacDonald, Mark Meenan, Brian Nisbet, Marguerite Smith, Ian Stockdale, Paul Taylor, Nicholas Whyte, Shana Worthen, Ben Yalow

The Code of Conduct team is integral but parallel to the Bid Committee, to maintain impartiality as much as possible. This separation ensures it is clear that all team members – at all levels of seniority – are subject to the CoC and to the authority of the CoC team.

Chair's Team
ChairEsther MacCallum-Stewart
Vice ChairMarguerite Smith
TimelineBobbi Armbruster
Death of EmailsBen Yalow
Chair's AdvisorsBobbi Armbruster, James Bacon, Vincent Docherty, Nicholas Whyte, Ben Yalow
Bid Support
Bid Support LeadPhil Dyson
AidesShadow Amery, Catherine Sharp
Facilities LeadMark Meenan
Site and Hotel LiaisonMark Meenan
Venue SelectionColin Harris
Finance LeadSteve Cooper
Finance & TreasurySteve Cooper
IT LeadSteve Davies
IT SystemsBrian Nisbet
EmailPaul Taylor
Website (Platform)Emma Kalson
Website (Content Management)Colin Harris and Emma Kalson
Wiki (Platform)Emma Kalson
Wiki (Content Management)Colin Harris
Wiki (Content Editors)Ian Power, Kate Sheehy
Promotions LeadsMatt Calvert and Meg MacDonald
Promotions FacilitationNoelle Ameijenda
Promotions StaffMarita Arvaniti, Emma French, Ed Fortune, D Franklin, Constanze Hofmann, Monica Vazquez
Social Media Area HeadZoe Deterding
Deputy Social Media Area HeadsRuth EJ Booth, Alex Wren
Social Media TeamRuth EJ Booth, Ila Khan, Alex Wren
Fan Table & Convention Attendance CoordinatorMarcin Klak
European AgentsPaul Van Oven (Netherlands), Marcin Klak
US AgentChuck Serface (West Coast)
RegistrarClare Boothby
DeputyTerry Neill
Data Entry AssistanceNatalie Amery, Shadow Amery, David Damerell
Volunteer LeadsPaul Taylor and Shana Worthen
Access AdvisorPaul Anthony Shortt
Team Info@Terry Neill (lead), Maciej Matuszewski, Patrick McMurray, Jean Thompson
Bid Team without Portfolio
Bid Team MembersJohn Dodd, Gadi Evron, Stephan Herman, Alice Lawson