Art Show – Join the Show

Art Show participation – what you need to know

The Art Show will play a major role in the convention’s AD&D (Artists, Dealers and Displays) activities.

We (John Wilson and Serena Culfeather) are an experienced team, keen to try new ideas and to make the Art Show work for you. (We were previously responsible for the Loncon 3 and Dublin 2019 Art Shows, as well as many Eastercon Art Shows over the years). You can contact us directly by email at

Art Show Display

Hanging artwork will be displayed on pegboard panels 3 ft wide x 4 ft tall mounted on Heras fencing panels with custom-made LED lighting. In addition to hanging space, we are also offering table space for the display of 3D artwork. Print reproductions (including of originals exhibited in the Art Show), cards and smaller items may be sold through the Print Shop. We ask that a large proportion of your art displayed is offered for sale. If you prefer to display artwork but not offer it for sale, you may be considered for the Displays section of the AD&D.

To participate in the Art Show, you will need a membership for the Glasgow 2024 convention. If you are unable to attend in person but would like the opportunity to display your art, please contact us for details. There may be limited space for mail-in artists so early enquiries are advised.

Art Show Rules

We will be publishing the full Art Show rules in due course. In the meantime, we would like to draw your attention to our AI Art Statement. In particular, please note that we will not accept artwork into the Art Show that comprises anything that was created using text to image AI generators, or was created using any compiler or generator that relies on the use of other artists’ images without the express permission of that artist.

Fees for exhibiting artists:

Size 1: Pegboard panel (3 ft wide x 4 ft high; 0.91m x 0.9m) £35 (there will be limited numbers of these and available as a single panel only)

Size 2: Pegboard panels (6 ft wide x 4 ft high; 1.82m x 0.9m) £60 (please note you cannot request two sets of this size side-by side)

Size 3: Pegboard panels (11 ft wide x 4 ft high; 3.3m x 0.9m = a full side of Heras fencing) £100 (these can be requested in multiples up to 4)

Flat display

Size 1: Table (6ft long by 2.5ft deep) £60

Size 2: Podium £25 (a circular, raised display equivalent to half a table size)

Print Shop Display:

A fixed fee of £15 for up to a maximum of 40 pieces for sale. This is designed for multiples of reproduced items and may include posters, art on mugs, cloth, key fobs, badges and so on. If you are unsure of this description, please contact us for a more detailed discussion. If you would prefer to have your own print rack positioned beside your hanging display, please ask us for details. We would prefer this option to you having a table opposite your hanging work for prints!


There is a 12% commission charge for all Art Show sales. This fee helps towards the running of the show and covers unavoidable transactional costs from card payments.

Taxes and Licensing

For those not familiar with the UK, the good news is that the fees and commission listed above are the only fees you have to pay. There are no additional sales taxes to be added, and you will not need any specific sales licence. (Any personal liability for income tax etc remains your own, of course).

Online Artist Gallery

The Glasgow 2024 website will feature an online gallery to promote all our participating artists, with a page for each artist including biographies and selected works. We will contact artists to request contributions once your participation has been confirmed.

Wait List

We have already had a lot of interest in the Art Show. We are still open for enquiries and intend to remain open until the end of May 2024. However, if before that time, we exceed our very generous space allocation, we will announce this on the convention website and Social Media forums and instigate a “wait list” operated on a “first asked” basis.


Glasgow 2024 aims to provide a consolidated shipping service from North America to Glasgow to reduce the cost and difficulty involved in sending artwork to be shown at the convention. Details, including costs and shipping deadlines, will be available in a couple of months. Meanwhile, please don’t wait to sign up for the art show but let us know you would prefer to use the consolidated shipping option.

Artists Not Attending

We regret that we are not able to accept mailed in art without someone attending the convention who can take responsibility for it. However, if the artist is not able to attend in person, they may nominate an attending member who can act for them where necessary.

Beyond the Art Show

As members of the convention, and as exhibitors in the Art Show, artists will be invited to participate in the convention’s programme. Please help us to spread art throughout the convention!

And Finally ….

We firmly believe that the art show should be a partnership between artist and ourselves. We have to have a system for display space, fees and associated paperwork BUT we will also aim to be flexible with these where possible.

If your first language is not English and you would like some help understanding the information or with completing the forms, please ask us.

Please let us know if you have any requirements that are not covered by the preceding information and we will be happy to discuss these further; we want the experience to be enjoyable and as straightforward for everyone.

You can contact us by email at