Masquerade – Audio Submissions

Masquerade – Audio Submissions

Please send sound files before August 1 wherever possible. Files will be accepted during the convention both online and at the Masquerade desk, but earlier is better.

Audio File Formats

  • WAV 16 Bit (this is the format on an Audio CD) (preferred format)
  • MP3 at the highest bit rate available (192kbps or better is preferred)

Other formats may be acceptable, but we will convert them to one of the above and that can lower the sound quality. Please ask if you’re not sure or upload early and we’ll check it.


Please deliver your file(s) to the Glasgow2024 Masquerade team via one of these methods:

  • Upload – Place in the upload folder
  • Upload – Place the file in Google Drive / Dropbox / etc and email a link to that (do not try emailing the entire media file!)
  • USB thumb drives (at the Masquerade signup desk)
    • Formatted in FAT, FAT32, exFAT
  • CD-type media may be accepted at the Masquerade signup desk
    • Confirm this with the Masquerade staff in advance, the desk may not have a CD player available.
    • Audio CD’s (ones that play in a standard CD player)
    • Data CD’s in CD-R or CD-RW format containing an audio file.

We cannot accept cassette or other tape formats, nor can we extract audio from a DVD, BluRay, Laserdisk, etc. We will not download files from sources other than above or copy from a phone or tablet. Please don’t ask.

Media Naming and Content

  • Single track/file with the file name containing the entrants name and the costume name (e.g. “Joe Phan – The Mark of Zero.wav”).
  • File/track should start at 00:00 with the audio the entrant wants us to use and may run longer than the act (the sound operator will fade as necessary). We will not start playback in the middle of a song.
  • Mono or Stereo (one or two audio channels), not surround. Audio will be down-mixed to mono for playback and may be retained as Stereo for recording.

With at least 72 hours before the start of your rehearsal slot we may be able to convert from other sound formats, but that’s extra work for the media managers and is not guaranteed.

With enough time, we can extract a portion of the file to a new file, adding fade-in/out if needed. However, we need the timing (from the start of the track) of which section to include (e.g. “from 00:13 to 01:10”, not “start after the chorus”). Please contact us about this as soon as possible and before July 28th.

All conversions and editing are on a time-available and best-effort basis.

If you need help or have questions, please contact us at as soon as possible and certainly at least 72 hours before your rehearsal slot.

Audio from YouTube/Twitch/etc is generally NOT acceptable quality for playback via a large sound system as we will have for the Masquerade.