Landing Zone Glasgow

Crochet Solar System Wheelchair Spoke Cover

A wheelchair wheel with a dark blue crochet cover attached, showing the sun in the middle and the planets of the solar system around it.

Today I’m sharing a pattern for a crochet wheelchair spoke cover I recently made! I took a basic pattern for a doily, altered the dimensions slightly and included a sun at the centre. I didn’t want the middle of my crochet piece to be rubbing against the centre of the … Read more

Scottish Castles in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Duart and Dunnottar

A drawing of an imposing medieval castle set on a rocky outcrop against a sunset sky

The November edition of our Scottish Castles series beckons, and this second entry in the series focuses on two castles with long associations with vampires and monsters. Though maybe not the most frequently portrayed or well-known examples in sci-fi and fantasy, both Duart and Dunnottar Castles have left their mark … Read more

Gin2024 Rookies Guide to Games: Werewolf

The outer box of the game features a wolf's head inside a spiralling black pattern of wolf's paws, which is in turn inside a spiralling red pattern. The words 'Best of' are printed on the top left of the box.

I was introduced to Werewolf by my best friend, but it wasn’t really until my first conventions that I fell in love with this game. Gathering 20 people in a small room, half of whom you’ve never met before, to slowly kill off based on first impressions. Plus one person … Read more

Glasgow In 2024 Shield Tutorial

photo of the completed foam shield with wood grain effect and an overlaid armadillo design

Hi I’m Alex and I love making shields! I decided to make GIn2024 a foam shield that they could use on Fantables or maybe just to hang on someone’s wall. In this blog piece I’m going to show you how to make your very own shield! Ingredients and Equipment: Foam: … Read more

Build your own Airship!

Coloured papercraft airship with the Glasgow bid logo on the side on a green cutting mat

Today we have another fun crafting project for you! Bid artist Sara Felix has designed a lovely papercraft airship for us. Pick one up at a Glasgow in 2024 Fan Table near you, or download it as a PDF here: A4-sized pattern Letter-sized pattern When printing yourself, we recommend using … Read more