A Gallery of Armadillos

Back in February we asked you to help us create an Alphabet of Armadillos, and we’re very happy with all the responses we got! If I counted correctly, there are exactly 26 completed armadillos on the list today, so we got a whole alphabet’s worth! Thank you to everybody who participated, this was so much fun. We know that there are a few more in progress, and we’ll be happy to see them whenever they are finished.

If you’re interested in the statistics, here’s some numbers: We got

  • 6 colouring pages
  • 5 crochet armadillos
  • 3 drawings or paintings
  • A set of three painted nested dolls
  • 2 Lego armadillos
  • 2 origami armadillos
  • 2 embroidered armadillos
  • A bound book
  • A sewn plushie
  • A miniature sculpture.

Armadillos reached us from all over the UK and Ireland, from the rest of Europe, and from the US. But since this is the internet, who really knows? Some of the armadillos at least look as if they could have come from outer space as well!

We feel everyone who participated is a winner – without each and every one of you, we wouldn’t have made it to a full alphabet. We would love to send you a small thank you if you email your address to promotions@glasgow2024.org.

We did say there’s some Glasgow swag waiting for the entries that delighted us most, and you made it really hard for us to make a decision! We couldn’t get it down to three, so here are our four favorites, in no particular order:

  • Eiric, the orange lego armadillo by James,
  • Brynmawr by Alexander, with a lovely choice of colours on Iain Clark’s colouring page,
  • Vincent by Clare – who would have thought that you could make an armadillo in the form of a hand-bound book?
  • Marmaduke by Eira – brilliant combination of the animal and the building!

We will be in touch with all four of you to get your prize mailed!

We showed off most of the armadillos at ConFusion’s excellent virtual Art Show, here’s a look into the gallery:

View of the virtual Gallery of Armadillos at ConFusion. The images are hung on light green walls, and the floor is grey.

For your viewing pleasure, here are all of them again.

Lego armadillo that looks like an airplane. Body and armour are in light and dark greys, with wide flat wings sticking out to the side. The mouth is a red piece with painted-on almost-human teeth.
Alien Armadillo
Angus the crochet armadillo sitting in his garden.
Berta the crochet armadillo sitting on a snowed-in bench in Munich.
Colouring page of an armadillo in the middle of foliage. Coloured in in different patterns in all the colours of the rainbow. The nametag on the left says "Brynmawr".
Origami armadillo made from a dollar bill sitting on top of a Glasgow in 2024 logo sticker
A tiny light pink armadillo with purple armour sitting on a small coin.
A lego armadillo sitting in the grass. The body is grey and light brown, the armour a bright orange.
Two colouring pages of a stylized armadillo. On the left, the nametag says "EVA", and both armadillo and background are filled in with primary colours. On the right, the nametag says "This is Emma", the body is brown and the armour is a rainbow.
Emma and Eva
Armadillo painted in watercolours in yellows and greys.
Greyscale image of the front half of a crocheted armadillo.
Set of three nesting dolls, painted with armadillos. The biggest on the left in silver with gold details, the middle size on the right with a silver background, light teal head and blue arms and legs. The head is crowned by a big red and white bow. In the middle in front is the smallest doll with many small white armadillos floating on a mottled blue background.
Lennox, Heather and the Space Armadillos
Colouring page of an armadillo looking to the left in the middle of foliage. The colouring is done in pinks, purples, greens and blues. The nametag on the left says "IZEL".
Ink drawing of an armadillo looking directly at the viewer. In the background the Armadillo Auditorium of the SEC can be seen behind a row of trees.
Stylized armadillo embroidered on the seam line of a purple Glasgow in 2024 tshirt. The body is outlined in cream, and the armour has alternating green and light blue stripes.
Armadillo plushie, rolled up. The body is bright yellow, the armour is brown. The eye is closed.
Tiny crochet armadillo with a cream body, light brown armour and big googly eyes.
Coat of Arms in yellow with red decoration. Inside the double ornate frame there is an armadillo standing up on its hind legs as the heraldic animal.
Origami armadillo made from thin brown paper, shown in front of a plushie.
Hand-made book in the form of an armadillo, shown opened up so the pages form the back armour of the armadillo.
Colouring page of an armadillo in the middle of foliage. The head and tail are coloured in bright neon colours, the body is a bit more muted.
Colouring page of an armadillo in the middle of foliage. The head armour in mottled browns and yellows, the body armour in stripes of mostly muted coulours, and the tail in rainbow colours. The nametag on the lower left says "Xanadu".
An armadillo looking to the left, embroidered in browns and greys on a light green fabric.
Crochet armadillo with a red body and dark blue armour, looking to the left. Photographed in front of a Finnish children's book.

Did you know that in Finland, where Ääriarvo comes from, Ä and Ö are the two last letters of the alphabet?

This article was brought to you by Constanze Hofmann, Craft Co-ordinator, Promotions Team.

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