A Gallery of Armadillos

Back in February we asked you to help us create an Alphabet of Armadillos, and we’re very happy with all the responses we got! If I counted correctly, there are exactly 26 completed armadillos on the list today, so we got a whole alphabet’s worth! Thank you to everybody who participated, this was so much

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An Alphabet of Armadillos

  The Armadillo Auditorium is part of the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. If we win the bid to host Worldcon in 2024, this is where we would hold large events, such as the Hugo Awards Ceremony. It did not get its name by accident … So, naturally, we’ve had armadillos on our minds lately.

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Crowning the Cons – Glasgow Giveaway

Glasgow in 2024 has been thinking about the crowning glory of SFF fandom. Clearly, it is its fans! But what is it that makes SFF fans, Worldcon fans, so amazing? There are so many qualities to choose from including, but not limited to: Passionate; Imaginative; Enthusiastic Dedicated; Dynamic; Diverse Creative; Colourful; Crafty Welcoming; Hopeful; Tenacious

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