RPG Month: Getting into D&D Podcasts and Livestreams

Since the success of actual play shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, it is now easier than ever to find a regular D&D game to get involved with without any terrible schedule conflicts – you just have to find the right group on Spotify! If you want to get into D&D as a first timer and are looking for a fun, low maintenance place to start, or simply wanting more content to fill the downtime between your own games, we have some podcast and livestream recommendations for you!

Not Another D&D Podcast

Cover image for Not Another D&D Podcast featuring adventurers running away from a DM overlord on a red background

Fans of the popular D&D show Dimension 20 will recognise some of the players in NADPODD, featuring Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, Caldwell Tanner and Brian Murphy as DM. Running since 2018, there is a back catalogue of three binge-worthy campaigns for listeners to dive into, but episodes are edited to run between 1-2 hrs, making it a little more accessible than shows like Critical Role. The cast have done several liveshows in Edinburgh, so maybe you can catch up before their next Scottish tour date!

[Link: https://www.naddpod.com/#listen]

Dungeons and Daddies

Cover image for Dungeons and Daddies, featuring a series of intrepid adventurers in front of a car, standing on a giant D20Despite its slightly suspect name, Dungeons and Daddies is a fun comedy D&D podcast, nothing else! The name comes from its premise: four dads from our world are flung into a land of high fantasy and magic in a quest to rescue their lost sons, and in the second campaign, their grandkids are sent to clean up the mess these ‘boomers’ left behind. Episodes usually run for an hour, so it’s perfect for people who want something light-hearted, funny, and easy to get into!

[Link: https://www.dungeonsanddaddies.com/episodes]

High Rollers

Cover image for High Rollers, featuring an adventuring group around a tabletop RPG setupSometimes called ‘the UK version of Critical Role’, High Rollers is probably the highest profile UK D&D livestream, available on Youtube, twitch, and as a podcast. This is probably the recommendation with the most content as their current campaign, Aerois, has been running since 2018. It is set in a homebrew world that mixes sci-fi and fantasy tropes with floating cities, interplanetary magic and alien technology.

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3qtZRMtWNaD2Q96STxgOrA]

Behold Her

Logo of Behold Her, featuring a giant eye in pinks and gold on navy background‘Behold Her’ is not an actual play but non-fiction podcast, aiming to showcase femme gamers and members of the TTRPG community. It is a monthly show that aims to discuss different topics and issues that reflect the experiences of female gamers within the tabletop roleplay community, as well as spotlighting individual creators and their work. They have also run TRPG minigames as part of the podcasting content, for people who wish to try out systems other than D&D!

[Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/3uLsqQh8VZqJ3xk33CDFkb?si=32954040ca0c4ede]

The Dungeon Cast

Cover image of The Dungeon Cast featuring a large monster looming in the background over silhouettes of adventurers in the foreground, with the podcast's name in giant white letteringThe Dungeon Cast is another non-fiction podcast that is recommended for those interested in learning more about D&D’s lore and mechanics, specifically. Their episodes range from basic explanations of lore and rules, to deep dives on specific D&D classes, reviews of new Wizards of the Coast material, and aspects of the official worldbuilding. However, in the more recent episodes the hosts Will and Brian hosts tend to go into a lot of detail about the 5e system, so this might be a show for those wanting a lot of detail, or perhaps advice on playing or DMing for the first time!

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLCL1sXBijYqUmCnTY8fhxg]

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