Registering with Glasgow 2024

We have developed a new self-service registration system for Glasgow 2024, which we hope will make it fast and convenient for you to join and to manage your membership between now and August 2024.

Before you follow the link to register, here are some useful tips about the new system:

  • The Glasgow 2024 registration system is based around the concept of the USER. Each USER may purchase and manage memberships,  supplements and tickets for one or more people. Each membership/supplement/ticket will be a ‘participation’ record on the system.
  • Another important concept is the separation of WSFS membership from the Attending supplement. The WSFS membership was previously known as a “Supporting membership”, and can still be held as a stand-alone item. The Attending supplement, however, is an additional purchase added to the WSFS membership, so as to give the holder the equivalent of an Attending membership. As a result, a USER will hold two participant records for any Attending members.
  • If an Attending member finds that they can no longer attend the convention, it is still possible to transfer to someone else. However, a recent change means that only the Attending supplement can now be transferred to anyone else, and that person must themselves hold a WSFS membership.
  • The term ‘ticket’ is rarely used and is used for individuals who can attend the convention, but who cannot interact with WSFS. This is largely Children and Infants too young to interact with WSFS, and people only attending the convention for a day. A USER will only hold one participant record for these items.
  • Before completing the purchase of new memberships, supplements or tickets, on the Checkout page you need to confirm your agreement to the convention’s Code of Conduct – once you have selected the checkbox confirming your agreement, you can proceed to payment

Logging into the system

  • If you were a Friend of the Glasgow in 2024 bid, or you voted in Site Selection at Chicon 8, you should have received an email from us before the end of September 2022. The email will include your USER name and email address, with instructions on how to set your password using the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the login page.
  • If you are new to Glasgow 2024, the first thing you need to do is to register as a USER. To do this, click on the “Sign Up” button on the Login page. Here you will be asked to enter a USER name, email address and password. Fill in these fields, and click ‘Sign Up’ to register as a new USER.
  • If you are returning to the registration system, you can login with either your USER name or email address, together with your password. If you don’t know your password, you can use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to set a new one, so long as you know your USER email address.

Your user Dashboard

Once you have logged in, you will see the Dashboard page for your USER. Here you may find:

  • One or more highlighted links to purchase a WSFS membership for any of the attending supplements you hold that require a WSFS membership. Click on the “WSFS Membership” link, where you will be taken to a form to create a WSFS membership linked to the attending supplement. Do not change any of the fields (you can do this later). Simply scroll down and click on the “Create Participant” button to add the required WSFS membership to your basket.
  • A set of participant entries, one for each product held by the USER, with linked products having the same membership number (e.g. #0123). On each of these you will find an ‘Edit’ button. This will take you to the product record, where you can change your details. Please note, an Attending supplement and WSFS membership are linked by the product email, and this cannot be changed if a link has been established. If you do need to change the email address, contact us at The Attending supplement may also have a link to ‘Upgrade’ it to a supplement of equal or higher value. This is useful in the future if you hold a Virtual Attending supplement and want to upgrade to In-Person Attending.
  • A ‘Buy Participant’ button.
    • If you click on ‘Buy Participant’, you will be taken to a page listing all the currently available products that can be purchased. You can use the filter options at the top of the page to reduce the list.
    • To buy a product, click on its ‘Purchase’ button, and then click on ‘Add Participant’. You will be taken to a form to fill in the required and optional fields, with a warning that a WSFS membership will be added to your purchase, if one is required. (If you already have a WSFS membership you want to link to your new product, enter the email address used for the WSFS membership and, when offered, click on the radio button to link the WSFS membership. This will stop an additional WSFS membership being automatically added to your purchase.)
    • When you have filled in all the required fields and the optional fields that you wish to specify, scroll to the bottom of the form and click on ‘Create Participant’ to add to your basket.
    • When ready, you can checkout by clicking on the shopping trolley icon at the top right of the Dashboard, where your purchases and the total will be displayed.
    • To complete checkout, you will need to click on the button agreeing to the convention’s Code of Conduct, and then select your payment method, following the instructions of the payment system.

There are other features available from your Dashboard, which we hope are self-explanatory. But if you run into any problems or queries, please do contact us at