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How it often starts: with a rush of non-linked ideas. I want to write about flight and apophenia and knowledge in context and about data bias and nonconscious cognitions, and hybridity and speculative spaces, and the joyful upending of inequalities, and the pleasure in being thrilled when reading and discussing … Read more

Taking Pride in My Writing

On a semi-opaque white square is written “Taking Pride in My Wiriting by Emma K. Leadley". Below in the centre is the Glasgow in 2024 Pride logo, and the background is a galaxy cloud in shades of blue and purple going from the bottom left to top right corner of the image.

When I started writing, in about 2013, I used a pen name and wrote erotica. At the time, I lived in the same town in which I’d grown up, and where I played by the only rules I knew: a heterosexual cis-woman in a monogamous relationship. Through learning my craft, … Read more