Gin2024 Rookies Guide to Games: Werewolf

The outer box of the game features a wolf's head inside a spiralling black pattern of wolf's paws, which is in turn inside a spiralling red pattern. The words 'Best of' are printed on the top left of the box.

I was introduced to Werewolf by my best friend, but it wasn’t really until my first conventions that I fell in love with this game. Gathering 20 people in a small room, half of whom you’ve never met before, to slowly kill off based on first impressions. Plus one person … Read more

A Night to Remember: Halloween RPG Oneshot

an open wooden box filled with polyhedral dice used for role playing games

“Welcome, welcome! Come one, come all! Welcome to the fabulous and newly renovated Monbeau Theatre! Please, if everyone can make your way to your seats, the play is about to begin!” You are cordially invited to the opening night of the latest play by the dazzling young playwright, Bertrand Gilliard. … Read more