The Glasgow in 2024 Question Contest

An important part of any Worldcon or bid is its ‘information team’, answering questions and providing information about the bid/convention and about Worldcons in general. In June and July 2021, we invited people to put questions to Glasgow in 2024’s own Team Info – serious questions, fun questions, even completely off-the-wall questions – and we offered prizes in a range of categories for the best entries.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We received close to two dozen fantastic questions — some amusing, some thought-provoking, and some both. The questions have really helped us understand what questions potential attendees might have, and how we can improve our communications. It was a close vote to decide the results, but the winners are:

Most unusual question
Do you have the portals to faery mapped?
Farah Mendlesohn

Most thought-provoking question
What is the bid doing towards making Glasgow in 2024 a sustainable convention? I’d love nothing better than to come celebrate fandom with all my friends, but I’ll be inevitably bringing my growing conscience with me to not be part of the problem, but part of the solution regarding climate change.

Most obvious question not already answered anywhere on our website
Are you developing an *oh frak covid 2.0 is a thing now” plan in parallel to the event plan?

Most inspirational fictional question
Should you shave a Tribble before you deep fry it?
Edmund S

Question which made the Team Info snort their coffee
What is the most obscure food a committee member has consumed which was deep fried/battered?
Declan Meenagh

Our congratulations to all the winners! The answers to these questions, as well as a selection of other entries, will be posted on this website soon.