Scottish Castles in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Duart and Dunnottar

A drawing of an imposing medieval castle set on a rocky outcrop against a sunset sky

The November edition of our Scottish Castles series beckons, and this second entry in the series focuses on two castles with long associations with vampires and monsters. Though maybe not the most frequently portrayed or well-known examples in sci-fi and fantasy, both Duart and Dunnottar Castles have left their mark … Read more

Scottish Castles in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: an Introduction

photograph of a castle on a small island on a lake against a mountainous backdrop

Castle. The simple word evokes images of myth and legend, fantastical landscapes populated by the stalwart and sinister characters of lore. Castles have been the sites of some of the more dramatic moments of medieval history, but they have also coloured our screens and dominated our imaginations in the worlds … Read more