Landing Zone Glasgow

An Alphabet of Armadillos

Angus the crochet armadillo sitting in his garden.

The Armadillo Auditorium is part of the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. If we win the bid to host Worldcon in 2024, this is where we would hold large events, such as the Hugo Awards Ceremony. It did not get its name by accident … So, naturally, we’ve had armadillos … Read more

Crowning the Cons – Glasgow Giveaway

Front on view of a tiara made of crystals - all different tones of purple- with a gold centre piece of CoNZealand's swirling logo bedecked with small blue crystals.

Glasgow in 2024 has been thinking about the crowning glory of SFF fandom. Clearly, it is its fans! But what is it that makes SFF fans, Worldcon fans, so amazing? There are so many qualities to choose from including, but not limited to: Passionate; Imaginative; Enthusiastic Dedicated; Dynamic; Diverse Creative; … Read more

The Harrowing Hunt for the Gorbals Vampire

Graffiti Mural of the Gorbals Vampire from the Gorbals in Glasgow

“Behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth.” – Daniel 7:7 The backdrop of the Southern Necropolis has held its place in the annals of Glasgow’s history for time immemorial. Amidst the gravestones of prolific merchants and traders from a time where … Read more

Exploring the Hugo Awards: The 2020 Finalists for Best Graphic Novel

Cheerful Robot with book in front of a starry background

Graphic novels. Sequential Art. Comic books. Arguably one of the oldest communication formats in the world, modern comics have always had a powerful connection with science-fiction. Many graphic novels that are now regarded as corner-stones of the medium are some sort of science fiction story. For example, Alan Moore’s seminal … Read more